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Parents of Women Making Waves

Why Your Daughter Made the Right Decision


Your daughter has joined a family of young leaders throughout Palm Beach and Martin Counties that are dedicated to improving the social and emotional health in our community. All of our members are invested in promoting each other academically, emotionally, mentally and physically. They believe in a genuine sisterhood unlike no other. We believe the values we instill (with your family guidance) will continue with her to college and beyond. While you might hear stories from her about fun social events or running for an officer position, fondly known as a "Captain", her Women Making Waves experience will grow into something so much more than that. The bonds and life skills she will gain will stay with her for a lifetime. 


New Member Period

During the new member period, your daughter will attend monthly orientation meetings with all of the other new members as well as our general business meetings. It will be required for her to also:

  • Complete Application
  • Complete Interview with Director
  • Complete Interview with Leadership Council
  • Attend Big/Little Sister Event(s)
  • Attend Leadership/Mentoring Training (15 hours)
  • Attend 3 different committee meetings and then commit to committee
  • Attend all New Member Orientation Meetings
  • Attend all General Meetings before Induction
  • Attend at least 3 Member Events during the semester
  • Complete at least 6 hours of mentoring hours (can be completed during summer retreats)

Your daughter will begin to create friendships and also learn about Stand UP Foundation and Women Making Waves' history and values. Upon completion of the new member period, your daughter will be invited to participate in a meaningful Induction ceremony.



We have created a "Big" Sister component to our programming to help engage, encourage and even mentor our newest potential members as they complete their induction process. As Women Making Waves continues to grow, it is critical that no girl gets left behind. During the potential new member period girls will be introduced to a variety of members that are committed to helping our new members embrace the organization and their role within it. They will have multiple team building events planned just to get to know these members more personally and help in the selection process. These are events that are important for everyone to attend.

Pink/Blue Teams

To encourage robust friendships among our members, we have implemented our “Pink and Blue Teams.” Members will be arbitrarily assigned to a team where they will have healthy and helpful competitions throughout her time with Women Making Waves. The Team's chief intention is to create an environment in which support is apparent, and all members can depict the most supportive friendship. A tight-knit community and a supportive environment yield vast success!


Lifelong Membership

Once initiated, your daughter will enjoy the benefits and responsibilities of lifelong membership. After high school, she’ll become an alumna member of Women Making Waves. Alumnae share pride, love and respect for their memberships through initiating change on their college campuses, staying connected and supporting our local chapter at home. No matter how far a member may go for college, we add an additional layer of roots for her back at home.



Developing Her Leadership Potential

In addition to running for a position on the leadership council, which she has the opportunity to consider each semester, your daughter will also be required to attend our annual leadership trainings to continue to support her growth as a leader. She will be given a variety of opportunities, whether as a “Captain” or a “Mate” to practice her skills. All of the activities we lead require participation from all members! SOME_FUN_FACTS_ABOUT_OUR_MEMBERS.png

Supporting Her Scholastic Efforts 

Last year, 92% percent of our members achieved a 3.5 GPA or higher. Our program has a minimum GPA requirement of a 3.0. To support her academic growth, we have identified our strongest seniors to lead our peer to peer tutoring program. 

With Benefits Comes Responsibility 

Your daughter has chosen to become a member of an organization that has high expectations of its members’ behavior. Whether it’s fulfilling her financial obligations or volunteering a certain number of hours in her community, your daughter is required to uphold all responsibilities of membership. Because our program is peer led and peer directed, it is essential for each member to follow through with her commitments to the organization and team of members she has joined. 


Women Making Waves has an internal committee called the Leadership Council. The Leadership Council is comprised of Directors, called “Captains” and the Executive Director, who are responsible for enforcing and promoting Women Making Waves' values and expectations. Girls are asked to maintain grades and positive standing in the community throughout their time as members. (This includes their online behavior). 

What Happens When She Graduates?

Your daughter will spend her days in Women Making Waves creating lifelong friendships, devoting time to academics and giving back to the community through service. But her WMW experience won’t be over at graduation or our Senior "Grammys". Whether your daughter is moving to a new city or staying local, she will always stay connected to the members and Executive Director for networking opportunities, friendship and service events. Alumnae are celebrated every Fall for a “Homecoming” that current members organize and put together. Once an alumna, she will be asked back to speak to the current members and lead workshops based on her evolving interests. We will also be seeking interns for various positions in the organization and will first look at alumna.


Generation Stand UP 


Generation Stand UP is our Programming where the men from M3 and women from Women Making Waves come together and offer community programming. They have offered this in a variety of ways each year including our community conferences, Music Series at Harbourside and our #Glow2Know Walk. Each year the members assist in designing and delivering an event they would like to host to bring their leadership skills and awareness to our community. Visit our Generation Stand UP Page to see some of the work they have organized. This programming intended for all audiences including teens, parents and the community.

Specific topics of interest have included:

  • Loss & Suicide Prevention 
  • Leadership Skills & College Counseling
  • Drug & Alcohol Education
  • Safe Use of Technology & Media Literacy
  • Body Image & Self-Esteem Building
  • Eating Disorder and Awareness 
  • Media Literacy
  • Relationship and Communication Skills

IMG_0214.jpgPeer to Peer Mentoring 

Our high school members guide about 20-25 hours a year in gender specific mentoring workshops designed for Middle School girls. Our mentoring component is designed for the high school members to be trained to provide our middle school members with the tools to deal with their ever-changing environment and internal landscapes. Their goal is to help instill WMW's pillars of academic excellence, integrity, service, acceptance and leadership skills throughout each workshop they conduct. They want each member to leave with a newfound confidence, compassion and grace as well as the ability to build and maintain healthy, positive relationships. We believe that our a peer-to-peer mentorship program will truly be the best form of creating connection and establishing relationships based on guidance that will last a lifetime. All of our members receive 25 hours of training to help them feel equipped to not only lead mentoring groups, but also design lesson plans; identifying supplies, length of time, tools to help ensure their activity is a success and much, much more. Our members receive well-rounded skills that will ensure them success throughout their lifetime. 

 Her Financial Responsibilities 


All members are required to pay tuition which covers a variety of competes that complete the Stand UP Foundation Experience. The yearly tuition for Stand UP Foundation is $800 a year. We offer multiple ways to access discounts. Students are also required to fundraise $200 through a variety of options offered by SUF to build entrepreneurial skills. (Grants, Donations and fundraising offset the actual cost of $1400 per student for programming.) Tuition covers the Stand UP Foundation expenses to implement the leadership, mentoring and philanthropic programs. It also includes the following for each student member:

• Monthly Educational Presentations & Workshops by trained professionals
• Monthly Programming which includes paddle-boarding, biking, hiking, fishing, yoga and
music classes
• Operation Expenses for the Generation Stand UP Community Events such as
conferences, music series and Glow2Know
• Participation fees paid to attend philanthropic events
• One (1) program t-shirts
• Composite Head Shot Picture by Professional Photographer
• Induction Ceremony and gift (First Year Only)
• Senior Gifts, College Scholarships and Recognition Awards
• Execution of Activities and Events for Women Making Waves and Men Moving Mountain’s
• Cost of Prevention and Happy Teen Years - Priceless!
*Members have the opportunity to individually fundraise all tuition and will be reimbursed as
collected (Fundraisers must be approved by Executive Director)

Women Making Waves Does NOT Discriminate 

Women Making Waves is a values-driven membership organization. Therefore, those selected for membership in Women Making Waves must embody the principles of scholarship, character and standing. They must share an interest in activities, which will enhance the academic atmosphere and have a sincere desire to contribute to promoting social and emotional health in our community. Women Making Waves values and is committed to diversity. We never discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, national origin, sexual orientation, marital status, disability or other characteristics protected by state or federal law. 


Some of Our Celebrations and Events:

  • Founders Day, September 4th
  • Community Music Series 
  • Induction Ceremony
  • Senior Oscars
  • Homecoming for Alumna
  • College Night for Juniors and Seniors
  • High School Night for 8th Grade Students
  • Annual Middle School Dance chaperoned by high school students! 
  • Participating in multiple other non-profit fundraisers/events
  • Big and Little Sister Events
  • Holiday bonding functions
  • Sleep Over Training Experiences! 

Our Motto:

“Make Waves, Move Mountains, Together Motivate Many”

Our Philanthropy 

Promoting Social and Emotional Health Within Our Community

Our Symbol 

Our Members chose a Captain’s Wheel to represent seeking (and finding) guidance as well as direction. "Take the Helm!"