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WMW in the Jupiter Courier


WMW in the Jupiter Courier

Stand UP Foundation made the front page of the Jupiter Courier this week!  It has been very exciting to have all of the community's support around this very much need teen initiative.   


Four out of 10 high school seniors report drinking some alcohol, and more than one in five have engaged in binge drinking." 

Drinking and driving is the leading cause of death among this age group. In addition, suicides are the second leading cause of death among young people ages 10 to 24.

Stand Up Foundation has been created to address the social and emotional health of our community. 

These are just a few scary statistics, some of which led licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified School Counselor in Florida and National Certified Counselor Ashley LeGrange, along with a dedicated board, to create the Stand Up Foundation. 


Its vision is to become the premier leadership and mentoring program for teens in Palm Beach and Martin counties. 

LeGrange's experience in the school setting, along with her extensive professional experience working in clinical settings and her own recovery, allow her to design comprehensive and relevant peer-to-peer education, mentoring and prevention programs. 

Under the umbrella of the foundation, Women Making Waves was created as an all-girls mentoring program. (With the hopes of launching a mirroring boys program, Men Moving Mountains, in 2016.)

This all began a few years ago as a summer camp for girls, which evolved into a phenomenal mentoring program spanning two counties and giving voice to youth and a platform to discuss and implement issues affecting their lives. 

Ensuring no girls are left behind, LeGrange created a full tier of mentoring, beginning at the top with board members (Elisha Roy, PA, Carrie Hanna, Kelly Everson, Psy.D., Tarah Grauer, Ralph Mabie, PA, Claire Anderson, Kim Depasquale, Catherine Broadhead, MBA, M.Ed, and Adam Perry) to herself."

They in turn support Ashley to mentor high school girls who, likewise mentor middle and elementary school girls.

Learn more about our Crew Middle School Night and our elementary school Splash Sesh mentoring programs!

Caliber, Strength and Vision

Board member Kimberly Depasquale has been involved with the ladies from Women Making Waves for the past two years and is "blown away with the caliber, strength and vision of this organization. 

"I am honored to be sitting on the board this year with a group of such outstanding individuals. Having two daughters of my own, I see the challenges they are experiencing during these very important transitional years. This generation needs role models, and a community of girls who have experienced the same challenges. 

"They share stories, challenges and help build each other up as well as motivate each to making positive choices, goals, and visions come true. 

"It is an amazing sisterhood, and I'm excited to build awareness and watch this organization grow."


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