Girls Retreat Week 4 - Stand UP Foundation

Girls Retreat Week 4


Healthy Highs: Weeding Out the Myths! 

This week's camp had the topic of "Healthy Highs" where we educated the campers on drugs and alcohol and making healthy decisions. On monday, all the girls (including the leaders) introduced themselves creating just the start of a strong bond that only got stronger as the week continued. We start off every morning with intentions. Intentions are inspirational quotes read aloud by a camper to get the retreaters thinking about their goal for the day. Shortly after, we made our way over to Dubois Beach. Leaders lead a thought provoking activity regarding personal values. This activity gave insight to the girls on how their values may not be the same as another girls' values. Then we took a lunch break. The hungry raccoons tried to eat with us too! We then jumped into another activity right before jumping into the clear, refreshing water. 

On Tuesday we went to Absolute Music Studios to hear Mr. Chris talk about hidden messages in songs regarding drugs and alcohol. After a quick snack we made our way over to BlueLine to paddleboard. The girls had a blast bonding with each other, and they even got to jump off the dock at the end of their adventure. The rest of the day was spent doing fun activities led by the girls included pizza collages and crafting. 

All of Wednesday was spent at Jonathan Dickinson State Park. The girls went biking through paths in the woods while playing follow the leader. They also got the opportunity to tye die their own t-shirt. The girls had a blast doing that and showed them that every shirt is unique, just like them. We learned all about Gators from the instructor at Jonathan Dickinson. Then the girls got to pet JD the snake and watch him slither through the green grass. We closed the day by playing a camp favorite game called "machines". 

On Thursday we went back to Absolute Music Studios in the morning where two competing groups changed the lyrics to a song. Both teams also made up dance moves to go along with their songs. The songs were performed in front of all the campers and leaders. We then headed to Blueline to paddle board again. We saw many marine animals and had so much fun!  Next we did two more activities based on making healthy choices. We wrapped up the day by listening to Kari explain "addiction" in a way which was very easy to understand.

On the final day of camp, we spent the whole day at Jonathan Dickinson State Park. We started off with our last intentions of the week then dove right into a discussion-based activity in which all the girls really opened up and reflected on their week. Next, we went on the pontoon boat and saw so many creatures including manatees, fish, many turtles, and even an alligator! After returning to eat lunch, the leaders lead their last activities of the day. One activity included guessing the food you were eating without using smell and sight. Finally, we played our last final rounds of "machines"… a camp favorite.

After such a great week spent together it was sad that it had to end. As a leader, it's always amazing to see the girls transform, bond, and open up within only five days of knowing each other. Stand Up Foundation truly changes lives in a positive way and welcomes everyone no matter what. That's why I love the foundation so much and am so glad to be a part of it.

~Heather, 17 WMW Member

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