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Hi, my name is Quinn McKenna, and I’m a freshman at Oxbridge Academy. I just recently joined Women Making Waves, and it has made such a positive impact on my life. I was inducted in January, and since then, I have participated in events held by the organization. One event, in particular, are crew nights. Crew nights act as a night where young girls can bond with older girls and feel comfortable asking for advice. 

There’s nothing better than feeling like you can sit around with other girls who you know will understand every word your saying. It helps that older girls are there to help the younger girls with advice. Whether it has to do with something involving school, family, friends, relationships, or mostly anything for that matter, the older girls are able pull experiences from when we were younger and apply it to the younger girls’ situations.

We don’t judge. We don’t laugh. We don’t interrupt. We are here to listen to what the younger girls have to say, and amazingly, we get an incredible award in return. We get to watch as these young girls work though what’s hurting them and mold themselves into extraordinary young women. We get the reward of knowing that we helped some of these girls overcome their insecurities and imperfections and push towards becoming better people.

But, the best part, by far, is forming close relationships with these girls. As members of Women Making Waves, we act as mentors and stay with these younger girls as they mature and grow into members themselves. These friendships are ones that last a lifetime, and honestly, its pretty cool to be part of such an amazing organization that is unique in the sense that it acts not only as a group of girls, but a sisterhood.

~Quinn, 15

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