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Topic 8: Anxiety Part 2


Stand UP’s “13 Reasons Why We Stand Up for Social and Emotional Health” for the #GreatGive17 is designed to connect within the community, become educated on social and emotional health topics, and provide resources for and support those struggling. This blog is to share information about the importance of anxiety and resources to help students gain a variety of tools to help relieve stress and tension. This blog is part 2! 

Anxiety is one of the most common mental disorders in teenagers today, due to the increasing intensity of schoolwork and increased pressure to join sports and clubs on top of school. By talking about anxiety and raising awareness for it, students can learn that anxiety is a normal thing that a lot of people go through, and that they are not alone. Freshman member Bella Craven says, “The social and emotional health topic that is important to me is dealing with stress and anxiety, because as teenagers and high school students we are growing up in scary stressful environments, and are experiencing these levels of stress that can lead to bad habits. Stand up helps communicate and educate about this topic, and by doing this, we are able to teach kids how to channel their stress into good habits.” Junior Logan Gelberd says, “Anxiety has affected me personally, and I think that it is important to spread the message about how to prevent anxiety. I think Stand up foundation has helped me be able to spread this message, and I think that by having our programs, we are able to help lots of people deal with the same situations that we have been through ourselves.” The Great Give can help our organization grow, and spread awareness about anxiety and managing it.

Composed by Lindsay Kehl, Senior WMW Captain

Contributors: Logan Gelberd, Junior WMW Captain and Bella Craven, Freshman WMW Member

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