Topic 7: Anxiety - Stand UP Foundation

Topic 7: Anxiety


Stand UP’s “13 Reasons Why We Stand Up for Social and Emotional Health” for the #GreatGive17 is designed to connect within the community, become educated on social and emotional health topics, and provide resources for and support those struggling. This blog is to share information about the importance of anxiety and resources to help students gain a variety of tools to help relieve stress and tension. 

Stress is something that everybody experiences, and a lot of the time, stress comes with anxiety. Anxiety has become more and more common in teenagers throughout the years, especially with the rise in the number of students talking advanced classes, such as AP’s. Sophomore member Ava Kramer says, “For me, Stand Up has provided many coping techniques [for stress] and stress management precautions. Stand Up also provides a safe space to talk about stress and anxiety, with so many welcoming members who deal with the same things you and I do. We work hard to promote stress and anxiety prevention, and we want to make sure you know that you know you have people going through exactly what you are going through that can help you get through it.” Senior member Elaina Hermiz says, “Through Stand Up foundation I learned so many helpful skills to help manage my stress and anxiety, and have used it to my advantage. I still use all of these tools today, and without the leadership workshops provided to me by Women Making waves and the Stand Up foundation, I definitely wouldn't be in the achieving place that I am today.” Raising funds through the Great Give will help Stand Up foundation strengthen our leadership committees to provide more tools to people to help deal with stress and anxiety.

Composed by Lindsay Kehl, Senior WMW Captain

Contributors: Elaina Hermiz, Senior WMW Captain and Ava Kramer, Sophomore WMW Member

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