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Manage Time as a Teen

Dear Sailor,

I am having a difficult time managing my time as a teen. I feel like I really need some guidance from another teen who "gets it". Any words of wisdom you could share? 

How to Better Manage Time as a Teen

Being a teenager, time often runs short. This leads to frustration, pressure, and a whole lot of negative vibes swirling around. Things can get pretty hectic, fast. Learning to manage your time is a super useful tool that can make life a whole lot easier. 

Time management be be as simple as writing down the things you need to do on a planner, on the wall, on a sticky note, or on your phone. Setting reminders and alarms on your phone can also help motivate you to crank out your goals/work/responsibilities/etc. Great time management is a not-so-secret weapon that many successful adults (entrepreneurs, business-owners, actors, celebrities, parents, normal people!) utilize and you should do it too. Try out these tips and see what kind of wonders they can work for you. It’s super easy!

Sincerely Yours, 


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