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Tape 5: Drug and Alcohol Education


Stand UP’s “13 Reasons Why We Stand Up for Social and Emotional Health” for the #GreatGive17 is designed to connect within the community, become educated on social and emotional health topics, and provide resources for and support those struggling. This blog is to share information about the importance of drug and alcohol education, awareness and prevention. 

One of the topics seemed to be overlooked the most in the Netflix Series 13 Reasons Why is the amount of underage drinking taking place, lack of adult supervision and consequences associated to the "partying" environment. The more kids think underage drinking is "normal" the more likely they are to participate in that risky behavior, looking to be "apart of". According to a great resource, Monitoring the Future (http://www.monitoringthefuture.org) we have seen a drop in overall lifetime use from 1991-2016, showing prevention and education efforts work. According to 2016 MFT results, trends in alcohol use for 30 days are as follows: 8th graders 7.3%, 10th graders 19.9% and 12 graders 33.2%. So clearly, "not everyone is drinking and drugging". As senior WMW Captain Hannah Thompson points out "What Stand UP does is we bring in statistics and say 'no, not everyone is doing it and you don't have to'. We teach kids to stand up for themselves and be independent." Another important component of Stand UP, which is by bringing awareness to social and emotional health topics we can begin to break stigmas surrounding mental health. She adds, "Another important thing we do in the way of drug and alcohol awareness is we break the stigma surrounding addiction. We teach kids and adults as well, that addiction is not a choice or a matter of will power, but a disease. We educate the community in a lot of ways that I don't think a lot of other people can--"

Help us break the stigma, reduce risky behaviors and promote healthy highs!

Written by Paige Adams, WMW Senior Captain 

Contributors: Hannah Thompson, Senior WMW Captain


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