Tape 12: Bullying Awareness - Stand UP Foundation

Tape 12: Bullying Awareness


Stand UP’s “13 Reasons Why We Stand Up for Social and Emotional Health” for the #GreatGive17 is designed to connect within the community, become educated on social and emotional health topics, and provide resources for and support those struggling. This blog is to share information about the importance of bullying education, awareness and prevention. 

We’ve seen bullying on television shows and in movies, but in the real life of a child, it’s much different than how it’s portrayed. School fights and petty cafeteria slurs and rumors have evolved into vicious technological blackmail. Though there are many different ways to handle situations of bullying, the Stand Up Foundation believes in, teaches, and promotes conflict resolution. Senior member of Men Moving Mountains, Alec Sullivan, says that in our workshops, “members themselves are given fresh outlooks on how to resolve any issues that arise,” even within our programming itself. With donations from the Great Give, we can continue to hold workshops for bullying and conflict resolution, show kids that they are not alone, and teach our girls and boys to not fight back, but instead, Stand UP.

Composed by Paige Adams, Senior WMW Captain

Contributors: Alec Sullivan, Senior MMM Pioneer

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