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Topic 1: Suicide Prevention


Suicide prevention may be one of the most important topics to ever be talked about. The loss of a life can be prevented from just a few hours of talking and mentoring. Some may think that talking about suicide is too intense of a topic, however it is important to realize that by talking about it, we are raising awareness to it and can help prevent it. StandUp foundation does just that, making a point of talking about suicide to remove the stigmas surrounding it.

Freshman member Johnny McClean says, “The topic of suicide prevention is very important to me. It has been very close to my heart for the past few years, since my family lost a close friend to suicide. Ever since, suicide has stuck to me as a very real and serious topic, especially for teenagers these days, since we encounter mass amounts of stress and anxiety every day.”Senior member Mark Hanna says, “It is important for the public to be educated [about suicide] so that if something happens to them regarding suicide, they know how to handle their situation and overcome it through what they have learned.” By raising money through the Great Give, StandUp foundation can educate the public about suicide on a much larger scale. The more people we can reach about this topic, the more lives we can help save.

Composed by Lindsay Kehl, Senior WMW Captain

Contributors: Johnny McLean, Freshman MMM Pioneer and Mark  Hanna, Senior MMM Pioneer

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