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Girls that Stand UP in our Splash Session Retreats:

Our Splash Sessions are designed to support elementary and middle-school-aged girls through the normal challenges of adolescence. By offering our peer-to-peer mentoring programs, teens and pre-teens build confidence, make new friends and find healthy new solutions and productive outlets all while having a whole lot of fun! The members of Women Making Waves are passionate about prevention and driven to help “healthy kids stay healthy”. We have a great team of outstanding high school mentors who gladly volunteer their time to provide leadership and healthy role modeling during our Splash Retreats. These members also receive extensive leadership training, water safety training and are CPR certified. Our retreats offer a truly unique way to spend a Saturday and a place to gain invaluable leadership and life skills. We offer a dynamic set of programming developed to suit a wide array of interests and learning styles ranging from games, arts and crafts, small group discussion and workshops, and outdoor and physical activities like beach days, excursions to the mall, put-put golfing, and even paddle boarding and yoga. We invite you to join us and find the kind of friends, support and skillset that will last you for a lifetime!  

This group's mission is to provide a space in which girls of all ages feel free to express themselves without fear of judgement.  Our goal is for the girls to receive and impactful message while having a ton of fun. The high school leaders offer a unique perspective on the difficulties of adolescence and provide input based on their personal experiences. Through our peer to peer mentoring, we hope to foster the next generation of leaders.

Participants of Splash Seshs are given the opportunity to engage in the following:

  • Paddle Boarding
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Group Discussions
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Playing Games
  • Having Fun
  • Making Life Long Friends
  • And Much More……

What are the benefits for participating in Splash Sesh?

The participants of Splash Sesh are provided a time when they can unplug from social media to create meaningful relationships with retreaters and leaders alike. The organization's policy of inclusion strengthens each girl's sense of identity while improving their self-image. We have built the confidence of younger girls by creating an environment in which everyone can feel special.

When do Splash Seshs take place and what is the cost?

Splash Seshs are scheduled 4 times a year, from 10:30am-3pm and are designed as an opportunity for elementary and middle school girls to be involved in the full tier of peer-to-peer mentoring. The Splash Session is $385 a year, or $105 per session, which includes programming facilitated by licensed and trained counselors/educators, supplies, activities; such as group discussions, films, role plays, community speakers/presenters, games, community service involvement, a snack and our outdoor activity for the day, plus of course~ friendships for life!

The only thing not included is lunch!  Please contact us with any questions

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