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Rock Out 2 Knock Out Unhealthy Relationships


Rock Out 2 Knock Out Unhealthy Relationships

The Harbourside series has been very exciting and have been a great way to connect and promote our foundation. Through the series we have had many incredible performers and have many more to come. The Series has given us a way to bring more awareness and at the same time have a fun event for the community to enjoy. 

Working with the community and other non-profits, we have brought a lot of awareness of the social and emotional health of teens in our community. I believe that through our series we are really helping the people that attend become more aware of the problems that teens and young adults face in our community. At our these series we hear from very influential speakers, regardless of the topic. They have truly each had an impact on me and all of our members. 

Our first series, Rock Out To Know Out Unhealthy Relationships was on April 2nd, 2016. We have all worked very hard to put on an amazing show. We were excited to have the Alpert Jewish Foundation kick us off with skits from their teen performers that are a part of The Relationships & Decisions Teen Trainer Dating Abuse and Bully Prevention Program. They identified and educated everyone on the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships, both dating relationships and friendships, early identification of abuse warning signs, how stereotypes and self-esteem impact our friendship and relationship choices, types of bullying and prevention, coping strategies, and seeking help.

We also had incredible performers from teen artists include Grace Givertz whom is 18 and studying at Berklee College of Music. She is a South Florida native singer-songwriter with a deep love for folk instrumentals, soulful vocals (and cats). Everyone adored her performance and hope she will return to perform with us again! 

We were also fortunate to have a local teen group, Somnis, a Rock Band from Lake Worth, Florida perform for us. Somnis plays Alternative Rock Covers and their music is a mix between Indie and Hard Rock. Lorenzo and Alberto both have been playing for their church every Sunday for years and have live music experience. Daniel and Sydney have played shows with separate bands at SwampGrass and both attended School of Rock, a music institution where teens learn how to play in a band and gig with their instructors. Daniel has had a band for 3 years now, and have gigged under the name Somnis since May.

We are all very excited for our line up on May 7th, titled "Loving the Me I See". Check out all the information here! 


~Gabby, 16

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