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Dear Sailor,

I am really worried about getting a boyfriend or girlfriend. All my friends seem to be “in love” and I’d rather be playing sports. But because of this people say I am weird and call me names (“teasing”)-but it really hurts and I don’t know what to do.

Well, I would say that the real answer to your question lies within yourself. Even though it may seem like everyone you know is “in love” and whatnot, we must remember their relationship is their own lives. What you should really be focused on is what makes you happy. Do not worry about getting into a relationship because if you are meant to be with someone, then it will happen. Love has a funny way of working itself into our lives. Yes it may seem unfair that all of your friends are in love and that is an amazing thing for them, but we must remember that their life is totally different from yours. Do not worry about finding a significant other because usually it will happen and hit you in the face like you never expected it. And to the part where you say that you are being teased by your friends, I would just say that in order to not be fazed by this you need to count other blessing in your life. Sure, at this point of time you may not be “in love” with someone, but love is not the only thing that is able to make you happy. Try to not pay attention to the mean comments and rude remarks because when you do find that special person, it will have been worth the waiting.

Sincerely Yours, 


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