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Talk About Shootings

Dear Sailor, 

Everyone is talking about the shootings at school, and I am feeling a little scared and not safe. I am not sure what details I should know before taking a stance. Everyone is participating in “walk outs” but we haven’t had any real conversations about what the walk outs mean or what I would be standing for vs just trying to get out of class... what do you think?

Nobody should ever feel safe or insecure in their schooling environment. It is important that you express your concerns, so if would be appropriate to speak to your guidance counselor, I believe that is a great option.

As for taking a stance on the subject, it is very important that you define the issue (e.g. ban on sale of certain weapons, age restrictions on gun purchases, new legally required registration, etc.). Once you have identified the topic you’d like to discuss, you should form an educated opinion. In a national issue such as this, the internet is a valuable tool. Educate yourself and others on this issue/debate by reading or watching videos from legitimate sources*. Having all of the the facts is key to building an opinion or stance.

That being said, if you are uncomfortable expressing your opinion in a bold way (such as a walkout or protest) there are other options. Having and forming your own opinions is very important and is part of what makes us individuals.

Remember, if you are ever feeling unsafe in your environment or see something out of the ordinary, tell somebody!

*Having an understanding of the issue at hand will give you the ability to form a position. Below are a few resources to help explain what is going on…

“Why We're Still Arguing About Gun Control.” The New York Times Upfront,

“Background of the Issue” ProCon,

Sincerely Yours, 


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