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Value of Peer to Peer Leadership Mentoring


Value of Crew and Splash Sesh! 

Hi I am Ava Kramer, a member of Women Making Waves. Women Making Waves is designed to be a peer to peer leadership mentoring programming, where we receive training from our director Ashley Le Grange, LMHC and we then offer mentoring to younger generations. We hold monthly get togethers for girls of all ages. During our Slash Seshes and Crew program, our mentors come together with younger girls and make crafts, do obstacle courses and several other team bonding exercises. These sessions are a great way for the younger girls to interact with teenagers whom they look up to and respect. Our headquarters acts as a safe place for girls of all ages to explore, be open and be true about their feelings. It is a wonderful chance for our mentors to be positive role models and influence these younger girls. 

We strive to talk about any topics the girls want to address, whether it's issues at school or home, or even the struggles they face with image on social media. We reach out to these girls through communication and compassion. We have nothing but open arms to these girls and all of the normal struggles they are dealing with in their life. 

Since stress is very common in teenagers and younger kids due to school, extra curricular activities, homework and more, this is a topic that comes up a lot. We frequently give advice on how to reduce stress in your everyday life through our own personal examples and tools we've learned through our trainings. We also talk a lot about body image and self confidence. It is constantly getting harder and harder for young girls to accept themselves and be comfortable in their own skin due to unrealistic expectations that celebrities and other well known individuals are setting. We do confidence boosting activities as well as have discussions with both teens and younger girls about loving yourself. We cover many other important topics such as friendship, cyber safety, and more! 

I think that our Splash Seshes and Crew Nights are so important for girls of all ages and from all different schools to come together and bond while talking about mutual fears, stresses and issues they are having. It's so nice to have girls around your age who understand you and get what you are going through. Not only do they understand where you are coming from, but they can give helpful advice as well. This experience normalizes all of our struggles and reminds us that we are never alone. These get togethers happen every month, which helps every girl bond more with the group. I think this is a very important component to Women Making Waves. I can't wait to watch it grow and meet all of the beautiful and bright young ladies that will be associated with the organization in the future.

~Ava, 15

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