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Sponsors and Partners in the Community

Stand UP Foundation is very grateful for the partnerships we have built in the community. It's clear that the community stands strong and united on supporting our mission to promote social and emotional health. All of the participants, and every life we are able to touch is because of you. We deeply appreciate your support in our work. Major funders, partners, and local businesses that currently support us include:  

Our Greatest Supporters in the Community Include:


Women in Philanthropy from Martin Health Systems, We could not be more grateful then to receive your support in promoting ourcause to allow more families from Martin County to participate. With your incredible generous scholarship program you have implemented for us, we will be able to reach a much greater population and support many more families in keeping our healthy kids healthy. Thank you for believing in us, our community and most importantly our next generation! 

BRHHF_Heart_Logo_with_website_copy.jpgHealing Hearts Foundation, it is an incredible honor to share the stage with you. We are so honored to have true partnerships with other 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. You have set an example, supported us and also have helped pave the way for many more leaders. Not only do we want to thank you for all the special work that you do, but also for believing in us. We wouldn't be here without your continual support. We love you!

Blueline_horizontal_logo_2.1.pngBlueline Surf and Paddle Co., without your continual support and belief in our organization we wouldn't be able to offer the amazing programs that we do. We love and value our relationship with you and are forever grateful for all you help us do in the community promoting social and emotional health.  


Clara Bella Photography, specifically Claire, you have been a continual supporter and partner with the Stand UP Foundation. You add your talent to our organization, but also your support in helping us keep healthy kids healthy. Thank you for believing in us, helping us capture very special moments and allowing us to share those with the world! We love you!


BJN Designs, specifically Billie Nelson has offered assistance and help beyond our wildest dreams. Thank you for designing ALL our logos, professional graphics and offering the best quality and service we could ever ask for. We are forever grateful for all your hard work, huge discounts and fast turn arounds. Our branding would definitely not be the same without your efforts!  

PTA_CLEAN_LOGO.pngStand UP is honored to be partnering with PT Anderson Accounting firm. It is critical to everyone here at Stand UP, that our books and finances are managed well and become part of our marketing material, which we could not do without the support of PTA Accounting. They not only have years of experience working with non-profits, but have managed and helped many to become financially successful. Thank you for your support and all your efforts! You are a critical component to what we do! 


 Summit Performance Consulting, Thank you for supporting us and believing in our mission and vision to help all teens in our community. We value your expertise, input and guidance. All of your extra support has really helped us to "make waves, move mountains and motivate many!" Thank YOU! 


Tijuana Flats, Staff, Crew, Board and Founders--we can't thank you enough for all you have done for us. We LOVE you, your incredible food and hot sauces. We look forward to more catering and spirit nights with you all! 


Walgreens, without your generous support we would not be able to continue with our programs.Thank you for not only believing in being "Happy and Healthy", but helping us promote the same message to all our members and participants! 


We are so grateful that our local Starbucks is interested in sponsoring all of our parent coffees! They have supplied us with many generous raffle items for events as well as delicious coffee and treats!


Gunster Law Firm has believed in the Stand UP Foundation through a variety of support networks. They have contributed on multiple levels to support the mission and vision of the organization as well through dedicated volunteers. We are very lucky, and grateful, to be able to say "Thank You" to them!


Stand UP always wants to say a special Thank You to Jan Scott at the In the Shade, Inc. Without their continuous support we would not have been able to make many of the strides we have. Thank you for being a premiere sponsor from Martin County and believing in all we do!  

Educational Partners

We can't thank Oxbridge Academy enough for their continual support and belief in their students teaching the public about critical social and emotional health topics. Oxbridge, to you and ALL your staff, THANK YOU. Thank you for helping us spread the word and allowing us to use your fabulous facility for our very first two conferences! oxbridge_logo_2C_RGB.jpg


Our Partners in the Community Also Include:

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