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Meet the WMW Members

Paige is a Senior at Oxbridge Academy. In her free time, she enjoys horseback riding, dance, writing, and photography.
Faiza is a Junior at The Pine School. Her interests include coxing for her rowing team, writing, and neuroscience.
Mia is 17 years old and a Senior at Suncoast High School. She is a co-president of Women Making Waves as well as Treasurer. Mia loves mentoring young girls throughout the community, and Women Making Waves has given her an amazing opportunity to do so.
Lexy is a Senior at Oxbridge Academy. She enjoys cheerleading, spending time outdoors and being with kids.
Sophia is a Sophomore at The Benjamin School. Her biggest passion is educating the community about mental illness.
Logan is a senior at the Benjamin School. She loves volunteering with the organization, taking photos and paddleboarding.
Cameron is a Senior at The Benjamin School. She is a dedicated lacrosse player and looks forward to playing at Georgetown College in Kentucky.
Elaina is a Senior at Oxbridge Academy and enjoys cheerleading, working with children, and the beach.
Brianne is a Senior at the King's Academy. She enjoys cheerleading, performing on stage, playing the piano and traveling.
Lindsay is a Senior at Jupiter High School. She enjoys running, participating on the cross country team at school and paddleboarding.
Ava is a Sophomore at The Benjamin School and loves helping others and anything to do with the ocean and the beach.
Anabel is a Sophomore at Jupiter High School. In her free time she loves to be physically active, go to the beach, and hang out with friends and family.
Quinn is a Sophomore at Oxbridge Academy. She enjoys helping out in the community, going to the beach, and hanging out with friends.
Haley is a Junior at Jupiter High School in the Medical Program. She enjoys being a swimmer on the Varsity Team as well as attending our summer retreats!
Hannah is a Senior at A.W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts. Her greatest passion is be a positive light in someone's life.