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Girls Retreat Week 2


Myths and Legends Become the Real YOU!

Week two was an exceptionally memorable week of camp. We focused on body image and how true beauty starts from within and with confidence. The girls were challenged by finding what they loved about themselves, and worked diligently to channel their inner beauty. Many of the campers who were shy and reserved in the beginning blossomed and came out of their shells, showing true confidence and strength. With each activity we did, I could see how each girl became more and more confident, and how much of our guidance and mentoring affected them. The best part, though, was learning from the younger girls.

These young girls were absolutely magnificent to work with because they ended up teaching us (the counselors) life lessons. This week was my first time ever doing camp, and personally, it was incredible to witness how much society had changed my perception of beauty. Watching these young girls, comfortable in their own skin, not even knowing what body image meant, was remarkable. It helped me realize how much I had to work on how I saw myself. It made me better understand what true beauty meant, and how true beauty means something different to every individual person. The little girls mostly viewed beauty as something from the inside, and it was interesting to see how as the girls progressively got older, their perception was more geared towards physical attractiveness.

In addition to learning from the younger girls and getting closer to them, I formed stronger relationships with the other members. I’ve met absolutely amazing people through this organization, and I am so incredibly lucky to be part of something so wonderfully powerful. This week really hit home in the sense that the topic truly applied to everyone on a large scale, so it was really amazing to not only be teaching, but also be taught. This week taught be a very valuable lesson: beauty means something different to everybody, and it’s so important to accept what makes you unique and be happy with who you are, inside and out.

~Quinn, 15, WMW Member

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