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Mikaela B


Leaving Behind Our Senior Legacy 

Women Making Waves has shown me that a group of girls can really make a difference in the community. I have been impressed by the progress that Women Making Waves has had since I joined last summer. When I first joined, I went to a week long training where I started getting to know everyone involved in the organization. The next week I was ready to be a camp counselor, and it was truly a great experience. The young girls that attended the camp all looked up to us for advice and it was cool to be seen as a role model. 


It has been amazing to be a part of something so involved in the community that hosts many different events and programs that appeal to many different people. 

My favorite part of Women Making Waves has been getting close to everyone within the organization and all of the outdoor activities we do. I hope to continue to help out at the summer camps when I come back from college, and continue my day to day life with the mission and values of Women Making Waves in mind, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for this wonderful organization. 

Much Love, 

~Mikaela B., Class of 2016

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