Middle School Crew - Stand UP Foundation


Girls that Stand UP in our Crew:

Our "Crew" takes place on the second Sunday of every month from 11:00am-2:00pm. This group serves as our middle school leadership-mentoring program (and the “Crew” to the High School Women Making Waves Members), facilitated by our motivated high school students and Ashley Le Grange, LMHC. Crew Night is designed for every girl from any school. Activities focus on a variety of themes pertaining to the theme of each month. In the past, we have investigated topics such as making wise choices, strengthening communication, reducing stress, becoming tech safe, and building confidence.

This group's mission is to give girls the opportunity to mature into young adults while building robust friendships.  The leadership skills they develop will be culminated in our Splash Sessions, where the middle school girls will help lead our elementary school girls. Our ultimate goal is to train these girls to become future members of Women Making Waves.

Middle school girls can address the challenges of adolescence, build confidence, make new friends, and find healthy outlets through this opportunity. And of course, they will be having a lot of fun too! 

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 Participants of Crew are given the opportunity to engage in the following:

  • Monthly Group Sessions (3 Hours)
  • Mentoring of Elementary School Students in Quarterly Splash Seshs (5 hours)
  • Opportunity to volunteer with WMW Members at one philanthropic activity a semester (cost included in program costs)
  • Opportunity to volunteer at one series a semester
  • Special Events: Parent’s Night Out, Founder’s Day Event, Girl’s Night In
  • Gain Experience Fundraising
  • Monthly Community Service Projects: All the promote social and emotional health! 

What are the benefits for participating in Crew? 

  • A safe space to have honest discussions about social issues with their peers while benefiting from the expertise of a trained, licensed counselor
  • Techniques for leading activities for elementary school students
  • Tools to teach and support emotional growth
  • Stronger team building skills
  • Leadership experience
  • A place to develop passions and execute ideas
  • Empowerment to effect change in their community and personal life
  • Learn the importance of giving back to the community and about different philanthropies
  • A supporting network and foundation for long lasting friendships
  • Connecting a building relationships with our WMW High School Program
  • An integral position to impact and promote generations of positive, educated, empowered and service-minded women
  • Building global service values, expanding mindsets and challenging inclusiveness

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What is the cost to join Crew?

The yearly costs to participate are $750 for each participant (or you can pay $400 per semester*). This covers Crew expenses to implement the leadership, mentoring and philanthropic programs. It also includes the following for each student member:

  • Monthly Group Sessions (3 hours)
  • One Splash Sesh Attendance (5 hours) per semester
  • Attendance at one generation Stand UP Series per year
  • Participation fees paid to attend one philanthropic event per year
  • Two (2) program t-shirts
  • Attendance at Founder’s Day Event
  • Parent’s Night Out and Girl’s Night In
  • Execution of Activities and Events for Women Making Waves Crew Program
  • Community Service Component

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Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

A special thank you to our Sponsor Women in Philanthropy from Martin County! They are excited to sponsor students from Martin County. Please click here to apply.