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About Our Peer to Peer Mentoringunspecified.jpeg

Our gender specific mentoring workshops for Middle School guys provide young men with the tools to deal with their ever-changing environment and internal landscapes. Upon the conclusion of each session, regardless of topics, our overall goal remains the same. We hope each participant will leave with a newfound confidence, compassion, discipline and feeling of courage as well as the ability to build and maintain healthy, positive relationships. We believe that by creating a peer-to-peer mentorship program we will be truly creating connection and establishing relationships based on guidance that will last a lifetime. 

Expectations and Activities

Our peer-to-peer programming provides opportunity for young men of various ages to interact, have fun and learn from and with each other. While integration is useful, we also still find it important to offer certain groups, which are designed with a specific age group concentration in mind for maximum benefit. Likewise, we offer gender specific retreats, which includes our full length week retreats as well as our year round, mentoring groups, to create a safe space for guys and girls to explore their worlds separately. No matter what age or gender of a group, the focus at Stand UP is always to support and facilitate wise decision-making, effective communication skills, friendship building, stress-reduction, tech smarts (and safety), and increased self-esteem and confidence with others and in relating to oneself and one’s image.


Mountaineers Our "Mountaineers" includes a variety of activities, including attending high school facilitated workshops, philanthropy events and fundraisers.. The program is a semester commitment to allow for the bonds to be created and then nurtured. The program costs includes programming facilitated by trained educators/professionals, supplies, activities; such as community speakers/presenters, games, community service involvement, outdoor component of paddling, biking, fishing, etc and friendships for life! For more info, please click here.

Fotolia_94298430_Subscription_Monthly_M.jpgOur Middle School Leadership Retreats are scheduled 2ce a year (usually during holiday vacations), from 9:30am-3pm and designed as an opportunity for our middle school members to host a community event day for other middle school students to learn about the topics they have been learning over the semester. This is like a showcase for our members to show off their new found knowledge with peers and community! Non-Members will pay a small fee to attend this event (based on activities covered). For more info about upcoming events, please visit our calendar by clicking here.


Summer Leadership Retreats! 

Our Retreat programs provide opportunity for young adults of various ages and both genders to interact, have fun and learn from and with each other. While integration is useful, we also still find it important to offer gender specific retreats to create a safe space for girls and boys to explore their worlds separately. However, we do have "retreat wars" on Fridays, allowing healthy collaboration and competitions! The daily schedule is composed of activities and jam-packed with learning, fun, and team-building. For more information, please click here.

“We leave no stone unturned!”

  • Self Image
  • Friendship Skills
  • Bullying
  • Technology
  • Boundaries and Safety SkillsIMG_2406.jpg
  • Media Literacy
  • Alcohol and Drug Education/Refusal Skills
  • Self-Reliance
  • Career Exploration
  • Study Habits
  • Effective Learning Skills
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Communication Skills
  • Gender Specific Issues
  • Relationship Skills
  • Speakers from the Community
  • Role Playing
  • Peer Lead Projects
  • Community Service Opportunities


Our primary goal is to offer solutions for all generations to rely on through the turbulent time of adolescence. The Stand UP Foundation hopes to leave “no stone ” uncovered! In today’s high-pressured world, your child or teen’s confidence, well-being, and personal growth are essential.

Who Should Attend Stand UP Leadership Retreats and Programs? 

Our Leadership Retreats and programs have been designed for EVERYONE! In a socially safe environment our guys can learn to be themselves, speak up, practice listening, make new friends, and learn how to take healthy risks. Every thing they do here will benefit them in the world they live in. We want to help kids continue to make healthy choices. Our unique retreats and programs allow everyone to leave feeling more confident, proud, compassionate and responsible.

More About Retreats

Describing to my Son 

This is going to be a really awesome opportunity for you to participate in a variety of really fun activities outdoors while connecting with others from diverse schools in the area. You will be given the opportunity to step up and lead activities for other middle school peers and younger boys in the community. The experience will give you a chance to learn from older leaders and to help guide the younger generation through their worlds. You will be doing a variety of fun activities, including hiking, biking, paddleboarding/kayaking, taking boat tours, learning from a fire program, swimming, hosting group discussions, all while making a ton of new friends. Plus you'll be getting community service hours the entire time!”

Middle School Mountaineer Program

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