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Julie B


Leaving Behind Our Senior Legacy 

Women Making Waves can be described as an organization of girls promoting social and emotional wellness throughout the community. But to me this organization has meant so much more. It’s allowed me to create so many friendships and memories with girls I would have never known otherwise. It has lead me to a pursuit of who I am as a person and what I can do to better the incoming generation of our society. It has given me another family and a home to come to.  It has given me the opportunity to grow as a person and reflect on my experiences. And lastly it taught me the ability to make waves. 

Throughout my years of being a part of Women Making Waves so many unbelievable and unforgettable things have happened. From starting out as a small group of 10 girls to growing into a well- known successful non-profit organization representing nearly every school in Palm Beach County, this organization has flourished. I have had so many firsts with Women Making Waves, like participating in my first induction ceremony to running a conference to being a part of something far greater than myself. It’s allowed me to discover my passion for event planning which I plan on pursuing at the University of Florida.

Becoming the events coordinator this past year has truly inspired me. From planning our lock in to our last beach party, putting on these events has taught me something about myself that I never knew; my passion for event planning. Without Ashley or this organization I would have never had this opportunity to discover this passion of mine. Now as I’m taking the next steps towards my future at UF I know I’ll be leaving my events committee in good hands. I also hope to continue to represent Women Making Waves up in college by continuing to mentor and share my experiences with others.

Leaving this organization is going to be one of the hardest good byes I’m going to have to face. You girls are what make this organization so special. You have motivated me to push and better myself every day, now I challenge you guys to continue to motivate and be there for one another. You guys have the ability to make this organization amazing and do such incredible things in the world, take advantage of it. I want to thank all of you for these amazing years together. And lastly I want to thank you Ashley for being our fearless leader through all of this. You have taught me so much about who I am and have inspired me to be better. You have become like another big sister for me. No words can describe how much I’m going to miss your peppiness, getting off topic at the events meetings together, and even answering all your surveys. You are truly the most inspiring person I have ever met and I love you so much! 

~Julie B., Class of 2016 

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