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Leaving Behind Our Senior Legacy 

Throughout this school year the ideas of both leaving and taking a legacy have been important to me in all that I do. To me, legacy is more important in the individual than collectively. Legacy is the lasting impact you had on someone or someone had on you. Something that was said or something that was done that made someone else change, hopefully for the better.

In particular, with Women Making Waves I am honored to be leaving behind an organization that makes a real impact on the youth in our community. Women Making Waves has created a place where young students can open up and be themselves without fear. It has become a place where girls like my younger sister, Margot, can learn how to have healthy safe relationships and be responsible. The thought that through this organization I, personally, have been able to make a difference in someone’s life, even if it may have been just one person’s, makes all of the time and effort worth it. I hope that after my class leaves the organization goes on to bigger things and that the classes behind us continue the legacy that we contributed in forming. Someday I know that they will leave the same legacy, if not a better one, behind.

Women Making Waves has not only given me the chance to leave a legacy, but it also has left a legacy in me. During my time as a member of this organization I have learned what it means to be a strong, confident leader through more than just the way I acted. I have had many opportunities presented to me that have helped me grow. I have been able to mentor and lead young girls, work as a group to plan and host events, and fly to Washington DC to attend and participate in a national conference. All of this has allowed me to broaden my horizons and become better equipped to make a difference in the next stage of my life. Women Making Waves, it’s members, and Ashley have made a difference in my life and through this I believe that I may now be able to go out and make a difference in someone else’s life.

Legacy is about more than just inspiring someone. It is about inspiring someone to the point where they are changed for the better and through your legacy can inspire someone else. I believe that Women Making Waves is leaving a legacy every day in our community and our youth in the same way that it left a legacy in my life.

Much Love, 

~Julia M., Class of 2016

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