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Jam-Packed Weekends

Dear Sailor,

All my friends have jam packed weekends with sporting events, and I continually feel left out since I am not on a team. How do you explore finding a hobby if you aren’t really interested in any specific sport. How do you find that “team connection”?

Balancing school and a social life is extremely hard especially now with the extreme competitiveness of students to get into the college of their choice. It’s extremely important to push yourself to do your best and take rigorous courses, however, maintaining a social life is just as important for your emotional health. I’ve learned that I’ve always to get more work done during the weekend when I spend at least some time with friends. You work more efficiently when you’ve taken breaks and haven’t had your head in a book all day. Also, remember to focus on the current your activity your working on. You’re likely to get overwhelmed if you start thinking about all the things you need to do while you’re trying to focus on a particular task. Additionally, you can study with friends and kill two birds with one stone. Finally, limit distractions while you are completing your school work so that you can work as efficient as possible, making more time for other activities. It’s never a bad idea to reach out to your teachers and ask questions like “I’m having a hard time completing coursework for all my classes. Can you help me prioritize my work better?”. These tips will allow you to better balance your school work and social life and lead to better emotional and mental health.

Sincerely Yours, 


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