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Leaving Behind Our Senior Legacy 

Hi everyone, I am Izzy DeRosa and I am one of the co-founders of the organization. When I think back to our old office on US-1 it’s crazy to see how far we’ve come. My main inspiration for starting the organization was seeing the impact we had on each camper throughout the summer. I realized that the little goodbye notes they left in my journal writing how much I helped them or inspired them, in the end inspired me to keep wanting to help. I couldn't help myself but think back to my awkward middle school times and wish I could have had someone to tell my the “right” answer. Whether it was how to stand up to the bully in my grade or how to put on natural looking makeup or even how to deal with simple sibling fights, I was the oldest child and never had that older mentor to give me advice. Of course I had my mother, but what 11 year old girl is going to tell their mother their problems by choice. So, that was when I decided I could help make that safe place for girls to come and be mentored all year round.

Throughout the years, Women Making Waves has become part of my daily lifestyle. In the end I hope I showed the girls what true drive and passion looks like. I hope I inspired some of the girls to speak out and share their feelings or speak at our series and truly learning how to branch out. I have made this organization one of my top priorities and I could this passion will continue for years on end. That’s what makes this organization so unique; we have 30 girls that come together and bring a different piece to our puzzle. But, one thing we all have in common is passion. We have girls who travel over 30 minutes for our general meetings, girls who have showed up to events instead of the party that night, and girls who spend hours at the office just to hangout and that’s what i truly love. So girls I want to leave behind the passion I have put into this organization the past two years in hopes that you continue to put the hard work in.

Now being apart of the alumni association, I hope to continue our mission of promoting social and emotional wellnes in Miami next year. I want to continue mentoring even our high school girls giving advice about college, as I will be the first in my family to go through the college process. I want to strive to continue my academic excellence but still find time to give back on campus. I feel honored to have been apart of Women Making Waves from the start, but now it is my time to take a step back and let you all put your own spin on it next year

So just remember when all your friends are going out on the boat during a Spalsh Session, there will be more boat days. When school is so stressful but you have that committee meeting, theres always the option of calling in. When you feel like Ashley has sent 400 different texts, just spend back the thumbs up so she knows youre there. Life goes on and the opportunity you have all been given to be apart of Women Making Waves will never come again. So, continue pushing through the busy months, but never hold back your passion because that’s what fuels greatness.

~Izzy, Co-Founder and Captain, Class of 2016


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