Intro to #13ReasonsWhy #WeStandUP Blog - Stand UP Foundation

Intro to #13ReasonsWhy #WeStandUP Blog


This year for our Great Give Campaign, the members of Stand UP wanted to make sure they could reach all audiences, and with all the buzz about the new Netflix Series, 13 Reasons Why, it quickly became clear that this would be a way we could tell our story. Our story of why these topics matter to us and why an organization like Stand UP is so critical to continue to thrive. Our teens put together 13 Videos, 13 Blogs and 13+ Resources to share with you regarding why they want to be able to continue to grow the Stand UP Foundation. We hope you are moved by their efforts and support their hard work through this campaign. Remember, every dollar counts on May 17th! Continue on by reading our intro written by one of our Captains of WMW. 

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“13 Reasons Why” is currently one of the most controversial televisual productions of this era. Critics in the movie industry argue its ratings are less than satisfactory for the audience it attracts. However, supporters of the series believe it provokes meaningful dialogue amongst teenage children and their parents on topics including substance abuse, bullying, self-harm and suicide, and sexual assault. This being said, the Stand UP Foundation is not endorsing the series, but is instead using its popularity to publicize our Great Give campaign. Stand UP’s “13 Reasons Why We Stand Up for Social and Emotional Health” is designed to connect within the community, become educated on social and emotional health topics, and provide resources for and support those struggling. In the coming two weeks, each member will share their “reason” why they Stand UP in our community to educate, prevent, and provide resources. Together all of us can Stand UP and brace the discussion.

~Paige, Senior WMW Captain and Member

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