Hardwired for Happiness - Harbourside Series

Hardwired for Happiness - Harbourside Series

Hardwired for Happiness-Harbourside Series

June 4th from 6-10PM


What does Generation Stand UP’s Music Fest entail?

Our series will include a multitude of different presentations regarding social and emotional issues choosen by our high school members. After each presentation, diverse young artists hailing from high schools all over Palm Beach County will be performing their best work! We are also inviting schools from Martin and Palm Beach County to have exhibitor tables. 

Generation Stand UP’s Music Fest Mission?

The mission of the series is to creatively mingle education with entertainment. We hope to reach and inform a vast array of demographics regarding the pertinent social and emotional issues this community faces! 

Schedule of Events for June 4th, 2016: 

Our event takes place from 6:30pm-10pm with a variety of programming, music and fun interactive presentations! 


  • Andrew Deferrari and Emily Elhilow 
  • Jumbo Shrimp

More Details:

Hardwired for Happiness is presented to you by: John Denney, Stand UP Foundation and “Glow and Flow Yoga" Brought to You By Blueline with Kim Depasquale, E-RYT 200 hour Land & Sea Instructor

Content Covered:

  • Happiness is a choice (How to choose)
  • How Gratitude and Love leads to Happiness
  • Self-regulation: Focus-Breathe-Think  
  • The Emotional reset Breath 
  • The Harmony Exercise (importance of a personal practice)
  • The Harmony Exercise (the 7 breath experience) 

Information about John Denney:

John Denney has a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology from Pepperdine University in California. He is a licensed provider for the Interactive Metronome and for the Heartmath Institute. While living on the Island of Maui, he developed a Biofeedback practice that he called Brainstorm Maui. John specializes in stress replacement therapy working with professional athletes, children, and executives; he teaches self-regulation skills such as focus and breathing. These techniques get athletes into the zone and people get into the here and now, where they can find the "Calm in the Eye of the Storm".

Information about Stand UP Foundation: 

The Stand Up Foundation provides a platform for teens to connect and collaborate in order to build social and emotional strength that will effect change within their communities, among their peers and in their personal lives. 

We hope during this time we can share more with you about our organization, mission, vision and our upcoming retreats offered this summer for boys and girls. Don't miss the summer of a lifetime with Stand UP! 

Information about Kim Kim Depasquale, E-RYT 200 hour Land & Sea Instructor

Kim Despaquale, Yogi is leading all our participants in a beautiful, "chill" Glow and Flow Yoga practice. Kim is a certified 200 hour E-RYT who shares her yoga practice on land and water. When not in the studio, organizing activities at Blueline, you can find her instructing yoga on a paddleboard. Besides her incredible involvement in the community she is also a mother of two outstanding young ladies and wife. She helps her students re-connect with the elements and re-discover their true authentic self.   Her practice is inviting and heart felt, reminding each student  "You Are Always Enough". 

All attendees will receive 3 hours of community service for attending. 

Band Info:

Andrew Deferreri and Emily Elhilow- Acoustic Versions of Modern/Current Popular Songs 

Benjamin School, 15 and St. Andrew’s School, 15

Instruments: Piano and Vocals

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Jumbo Shrimp, Psychedelic Pop

Jumbo Shrimp has 5 performers, Benny Rothschild, Austin Klewan, Angel Leiser, John Cardillo and Dylan Thomas. 

Benny Rothschild, 17, who plays guitar and sings, attends Dreyfoos School of the Arts; Austin Klewan, 16, sings, plays keyboard and saxophone and also attends Dreyfoos School of the Arts; Angel Leiser, 17, who sings and plays bass and also attends Dreyfoos School of the Arts; John Cardillo, 18 who plays drums and attends Palm Beach Gardens High School; Dylan Thomas, 15, who plays guitar, bass and keyboards also attends Dreyfoos School of the Arts.  

Jumbo Shrimp Inc. were formed 4 years ago when all the members met at the North Palm Beach school of rock. All its members have toured the country numerous and have individual performance credits as notable as Lollapalooza in Chicago, Gathering of the Vibes in Connecticut, The Rock and Roll hall of fame in Cleveland, and even on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C! As a band they have performed at Sunfest, Moonfest, and various other local venues and festivals and are currently booking their first summer tour!

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