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Welcome to Our Stories... Our 13 Reasons Why We Believe it is Critical to Stand UP For Social and Emotional Health...



This year for our Great Give Campaign, the members of Stand UP wanted to make sure they could reach all audiences, and with all the buzz about the new Netflix Series, 13 Reasons Why, it quickly became clear that this would be a way we could tell our story - our story of why these topics matter to us and why an organization like Stand UP is so critical to continue to thrive. Our teens put together 13 Videos, 13 Blogs and 13+ Resources to share with you regarding why they want to be able to continue to grow the Stand UP Foundation. There are only 2 rules. 

1. You listen

2. You pass it on so others can hear their messages 

Hopefully you will be moved enough by the SUF members' work that you will choose to support them by donating. If it is within your ability to support our young members, we know you will be happy that you did. The member's of Stand UP have set high goals to provide scholarships and raise funds to cover operating costs throughout the year, but we know these goals are attainable with your support. We hope you support their efforts and share with us your reason why you believe in emotional health. 

Movies and Blogs Go Live on Monday, May 1st! Follow us right here or on any of our social media channels! Don't miss your opportunity to ask questions to our members as they stream live on Facebook each day leading up to the Great Give! 

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13 Reasons - Videos

13 Reasons - Blogs

13 + Resources


Thank you to everyone that supported us through the GreatGive17!  This pledge page is down but we wanted to leave access to the 13 Reasons Why Resources. 

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