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Girls Retreat Week 5


Discovering Passions & Goal Setting

This week at stand up was our 5th week.Everyone was excited for the week that lay ahead with John Denney, paddleboarding and bike riding at Jonathan Dickinson! However, I don't think anyone was quite ready for the awesome summer gingerbread homes we were about to build!! We kicked things off at the office to get to know the girls and really introduce ourselves. At first we all went around the room saying hobbies and things we enjoy in our lives. Then it was time to explore leadership styles to help uncover more regarding our passions!

Tuesday and Thursday were the days we went paddle boarding. As a team, we all enjoyed paddling to a little beach spot for the girls to take a break and to take a dip in the water.  During their time at the beach, they played in the sand, laughed and swam with the other girls. Thursday was a real hit when after paddleboarding everyone got to jump off the dock! On Wednesday we had a nice bike ride through Jonathan Dickinson.  The girls also enjoyed listening to the JD instructor teach about Gator safety, tell us all out the animals skulls and show us (JD) their pet snake. The girls were most excited to see the snake! The retreaters really learned how to show what they enjoy and love, and we got to share it with them. 

This week we focused on Passions. Each activity represented how the girls can really express themselves and show us their true feelings. We completed an activity where the girls created a jar, that they can either painted or collaged with magazine clippings and glitter about their passions. An example was one retreater's jar focused on the ocean and all things water. After every activity we had a discussion about how we worked together and did the activity together. 

The most valuable aspect at camp this week was the way the girls put their heart and soul into showing and sharing their passions.  Each girl stepped up to show how confident and kind they could be. They helped each other out on the paddleboards and during the activities. This  week was one of the most warm hearted weeks at the camp.  

~Haley, 16 WMW Member

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