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Educational Partners


We are seeking Educational Partners that are interested in supporting the mission of Stand UP Foundation. The Stand Up Foundation provides a platform for teens to connect and collaborate in order to build social and emotional strength that will effect change within their communities, among their peers and in their personal lives. The vision of the Stand UP Foundation is to become the premiere leadership and mentoring program for teens in Palm Beach and Martin Counties. Highly motivated teens are empowered through gender-specific peer programs and life-long learning focused on emotional, social, academic and physical wellness.

We believe that all schools will want to support our goals and therefore have outlined a partnership below, where together we can enhance and enrich the social, emotional and mental wellbeing of our students, families, schools and the whole community.

What Do You Get for Being an Educational Partner?

Many will benefit by this partnership and here is a just a brief break down of how your school’s partnership can impact the entire community.

The school benefits by gaining:  

  1. More community collaboration as a whole to promote solutions to problems with student well being
  2. Improved student education on social, emotional and mental topics
  3. Information on resources for all community members with emphasis on removing the stigma of needing or asking for help
  4. Enhanced attitudes, enhanced attitudes, communication and relationships among teachers, students, families and community members

The families benefit by gaining:

  1. Increased understanding of the importance of prevention and education around social, emotional and mental health concerns
  2. The school’s support making it easier for the families that need help to seek it
  3. Closer relationships with their children and more understanding of pivotal topics
  4. Better community support
  5. Greater access to school (and community) resources
  6. Empowerment to make decisions that will enhance their children’s education and well being
  7. Access to onferences/workshops that  allow students to learn about the topics they want to hear about; not just what adults think they need to learn. Supporting these conferences/workshops shows you support the voice of your students.

The students benefit by gaining:

  1. Higher motivation to learn and participate (Students are proud to show off where they go to school)
  2. A new attitude towards social, emotional and mental health topics
  3. Increased awareness of when to seek help and guidance, and especially when to add an adult/professional
  4. Our conferences/workshops allow students to learn about the topics they want to hear about; not just what adults think they need to learn. Supporting these conferences/workshops shows you support the voice of your students
  5. Improved self-confidence
  6. Improved overall health and wellbeing of each student and participant

The teachers/admininstration benefit by gaining:

  1. Improved morale
  2. More support and appreciation from families
  3. Access to conferences/workshops that provide better understanding and knowledge of topics
  4. Greater community support
  5. Better use and knowledge of local resources

The community benefits by gaining:

  1. Greater interaction among students from a diversity of schools all over Palm Beach and Martin Counties
  2. More psycho-educational opportunities in the community
  3. Schools that work within a broader community framework
  4. Pride in quality schools and education as a whole

Ready to Help? Here’s What Your School Can Do To Become an Educational Partner:

Conference Sponsor:

  1. Provide The Venue for our Conference or Workshop: (Our conferences/workshops are designed to accommodate up to 300 people) This needs to include an auditorium, 5 breakout classrooms, a hallway for our vendors, place for participants to eat lunch and rest rooms.
  2. Lunch for our participants. This usually includes coffee, tea/juice, water throughout the day, and then a sandwich and dessert, or something else agreed upon between SUF and school.
  3. Promotion of conference among your students, faculty and parents

Retreat Sponsor:

  1. A week for us to host our incredible gender specific retreats in the summer (does not exceed more than 12-15 participants per session)

Space Sponsor for an Event

Additional Benefits Your School Will Receive:

  1. Recognition as Educational Partner for all communications and materials for Conference, Retreat, or Event
  2. Listed as Partner on website with logo
  3. Invited to have school booth at all events
  4. Depending on event sponsored, free tickets to attend for your students, families and faculty