Healthy Highs: Drug and Alcohol Prevention Conference

Healthy Highs: Drug and Alcohol Prevention

Stand UP Foundation can’t wait to see you at our Second Conference: “Healthy Highs; Drug and Alcohol Education/Prevention”

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 "Not as many teens as most people think are involved with drugs and alcohol. Getting pulled into the facade is the easiest part, but it's learning you're better off without it that makes you stronger.”

-Alexi, 16 (Member)

Concerts, Clubs, and Party Scenes

When young people "party" with alcohol and other drugs, the results can be catastrophic: accidents, fights, unsafe sex, and the loss of judgment that leads to poor decision making. This workshop will explore questions like, why is partying synonymous with use? And why do teens drink to get drunk? We will discuss the hidden dangers associated with various substances such as alcohol, energy drinks, ecstasy, ketamine, GHB, rohypnol, and methamphetamine.  

"I think Drug and Alcohol Prevention is a necessity for people of all ages in our community. Learning the proper tools on how to deal with the exposure of Drugs and Alcohol can benefit future decisions significantly." 

-Izzy, 17 (Member)

Marijuana: How Harmless is It?

Marijuana's reputation as a "soft" drug masks its potential for harm. This workshop discusses the effects of marijuana on metabolism, hormones, memory and motivation, and also looks at the social, emotional and intellectual cost of marijuana use. Other specific topics will include risks of early use, how marijuana affects the brain, and the risks of combining marijuana with alcohol or other drugs. 

Stressed Out: The Myth that Alcohol and Other Drugs Reduce Stress

Students often misuse alcohol or other drugs in an attempt to escape stress. This workshop will reveal how this approach is ineffective, and will encourage students to find healthy, life-affirming alternative ways to relax, relieve stress, and "get a rush" independently and with the support of others. Topics will include finding healthy highs, discovering ways to self-care, problem-solving, creating positive relationships, and developing talents and passions. 

"Drugs and alcohol can drastically affect a person’s life and alter their relationships with family and friends, their career and academic future, and most importantly their mental health. In a world that is increasingly promoting that drugs and alcohol are needed to “have a good time”, it is important to learn the hard facts about drugs and alcohol as well as their detrimental consequences. We hope that our community will come to learn and participate in this incredible and informative conference."

-Lydia, 17 (Member) 

 A Family Disease: Relationships Impacted by Addiction

The use of alcohol and other drugs affects virtually all aspects of a teen's life: relationships with parents, siblings, and friends; success at school, work, and play; healthy mind, mood, and body; development of conscience, confidence, and integrity; perception of their past and their future, and growth in their emotional, intellectual, and spiritual lives. We will discuss all of these impacts of use on the growing adolescent as well as cover the topic of growing up with alcoholism.

When Alcohol and Other Drugs Become a Problem and Hope to Help A Friend:

In this workshop we will outline the differences between use, dependence, and addiction to alcohol and other drugs. Special emphasis will be placed on how use progresses and on both the subtle and severe potential consequences of use. Participants will hone the ability to identify multiple warning signs of substance abuse, and will discuss and debate their peers' perceptions of problem use, so that accurate information about chemical dependence is revealed, and group knowledge about the early warning signs of a problem grows. We will address questions like, do you think someone you know has a problem? What do you do? Who can you talk to? The workshop will discuss how to informally intervene with a friend you may have concerns about and guide him or her toward the help and support of a qualified and trusted adult.  

"I believe in our Drug and Alcohol Prevention Conference because I care about my future. "

-Adrianna Biederman, 17,  (Member) 

"Study" Drugs: Adderall, Caffeine, Energy Drinks, and Ritalin:

The misuse of substances to enhance academic performance, including prescription and over-the- counter drugs, is an ineffective and unhealthy behavior that tempts some students. This workshop will discuss the mental, physical, social, and legal risks associated with misuse of these substances. Additionally, this session will encourage students, based on current knowledge of adolescent development, to harness their natural 

brainpower through healthy boosts like good nutrition and sleep habits, time- and stress-management techniques, and the development of study skills. 


"Drug and alcohol prevention should be talked about more because people think it's "cool" to get "throwed" or "wasted" and don't know the long term effects they have. And a lot of people get killed from not caring about what they're putting in their systems." 

-Nancy, 18,  (Alumna)

Parents--Don't worry we've designed a section for you as well where you can ask the experts your questions! 

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