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Charles B


Leaving Behind Our Senior Legacy

I feel stand up foundation has helped me grow into the man I am today, because it allowed me to learn many important values. Values like teamwork and leadership. Often, working with a team can be a challenge, as ideas can conflict, and often, people will disagree on how to solve an issue. 

Stand up foundation has thought me that through strong leadership, teamwork can be easy and effective. A strong leader, or leaders, can really help to guide a team towards a more effective solution, allowing everyone to work more effectively. Additionally, stand up has thought me that persistence is key. Often, people have great ideas, but fail to follow through. Often, this is because of a lack of persistence. It is through approaching a problem with blinding confidence, and the right amount of stubbornness, you can see a project through to fruition. Stand up has also taught me however, that sometimes a project needs to change or adapt to the circumstances surrounding it in order to succeed.

~Charles B., Class of 2017

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