Chapter 7: Splash Sesh Mentoring Programs - Women Making Waves

Chapter 7: Splash Sesh Mentoring Programs


Chapter 7: Splash Sesh Mentoring Programs

Women making waves is a wonderful program and I am so honored to be a part of such a great opportunity. My part in the organization is leading the splash sessions with the high school members every other friday night. I am always looking forward to those friday nights because of the the wonderful people and of how much fun we have. 

We do so many different fun activities that let us be comfortable and relaxed with each other. I love being the middle school leader, because I get to know all of the girls for who they are. This group is a wonderful opportunity to make new friends, to learn more things about your peers and yourself, and to have fun on a friday night. The purpose is to make environment where everyone is loved, and everyone can be comfortable with who they are. Anyone can join this fantastic program, and gain one of the best experiences in the world.

~Bella, 13

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