Chapter 6: Angel Walk for Asher - Women Making Waves

Chapter 6: Angel Walk for Asher


Chapter 6: Angel Walk for Asher

WMW was incredibly fortunate to participate in The 2015 Bobby Resciniti Healing Hearts Foundation Annual Angel Walk. Bobby Resciniti is an incredible human being who has very much supported the mission and vision of Women Making Waves. He invited us to share all our information at the walk, while also walking to remember our beloved Ashler. WMW's rounded up a team for the walk and also made Asher an "Angel" sign... 

The Annual Angel Walk is a day filled with hope, faith & fellowship; it is a very special way to honor your special Angel. This walk is open to anyone - it's a GREAT way for you to honor any loved one that left this world. Your Angel can be a parent, grandparent, sibling, child, uncle/aunt, friend … 

And on this note, Women Making Waves, Unanimously chose Asher to be the Angel that we remembered on that day. Here's what our member, Olivia, wrote about him: 

"When we think of someone who can and will always be described as one who has lived his life to the absolute fullest, and has shed a light on everyone that will never burn out, we think of Asher Reuben Hendel- the legacy he has left among us will last for a lifetime. Today, Asher is being dedicated the wings that he rightfully deserves as he becomes a true angel. Witty, smart, unique, and warm-hearted does not even begin to describe the young man Asher Hendel truly was. When Asher walked into a room, positive energy was immediately brought amongst every single person in that room. Every face would smile, and even tears of laughter would roll down cheeks until the moment he left the room. No matter what your relationship with Asher was, you were impacted by his radiance, love, and character. Although there are days where those smiles are lost, the memory of Asher returns those smiles to his loved ones. Asher learned, loved, gave everything he had, and we will treasure the perspective Asher had on life forever: living in the moment. We love you dearly Asher, and we miss you more and more everyday. Guide us with your newly received wings as you become our guardian angel. Stay forever frosty." ~Olivia, 16

To read more about the Bobby Reciniti Healing Hearts Foundation, please visit here: 

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