Chapter 4: Idea for the Conference - Women Making Waves

Chapter 4: Idea for the Conference


Chapter 4: Idea for the Conference 

Coming up with an idea for our conference was one of the best things to have happened in WMW because all of us girls were able to communicate on which idea we thought would be best for the current situation and time period. This conference was going to be our big debut and it needed to be special, unique and speak to the hearts of our peers, and relate to all teens and adults in our immediate community. Originally, we discussed the theme of friendship and relationships, but then other ideas came to our minds due to other heartbreaking impacts occurring in the community. 

During the time we were thinking about ideas, there were many tragic occurrences of young teens taking their lives. One very close to the conference was Frank Cook, who was a man admired by many. Two of them were also from the Pine School, Cole Posey and Asher Hendel. The closest one to our conference, in my opinion, was the death of Asher Hendel. This tragedy hit many people very hard. It was very unexpected and very difficult to overcome because of the huge light he brought to everyone’s lives. This main death as well as a few others brought up the idea of the subject of our conference to be about Loss and Suicide Prevention, which we called "the Celebration of Life". The girls involved in Women Making Waves felt like it was the right time to inform people about suicide and how to prevent it because of the recent tragedies. We decided to dedicate this conference to all of the loved ones we have lost, not just from suicide. This was the start of us making waves in the community. 

~Carly, 17

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