Chapter 3 The Induction Ceremony - Women Making Waves

Chapter 3 The Induction Ceremony



Chapter 3 The Induction Ceremony

The Induction Ceremony is an annual event in which every girl that passed "criteria" to become a member is accepted and inducted. This year’s Induction ceremony was held at DuBois Park at Sunset. Each girl lined up along the bridge and waited to be called by Ashley while she told all the parents and guests about who the member was, what inspired her to join WMW, and why she loves WMW. 

After, we received a pin and held up special candles while the other girls were being announced. It was exciting for all of us to be officially inducted as we were eager to begin our journey of making waves in the community. We felt proud, united and fearless. To top it off we had a special treat, delicious cupcakes, from DD's Cupcakes for everyone to enjoy. While snacking families had the opportunity to become acquainted with other families. Everyone knew this journey was just the beginning of all of us coming together as one larger family where lasting friendships would emerge, and our challenges and accomplishments would only make us stronger. In my opinion, the induction ceremony was our way of letting the parents know about our talents and the special gifts each member possesses. It also marked the very start to our journey as united "sisters" ready to share our thoughts and dreams with everyone who would hear us! 

~Nancy, 17

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