Suicide Prevention, Grief and Loss Conference

Celebration of Life

Our first conference will be dedicated to the community on suicide prevention, dealing with grief and loss while learning how to celebrate life. 

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 Why do Women Making Waves want to host this conference?! Let's ask them!

"Suicide prevention is a topic that is not getting the attention it deserves. By focusing on preventing teen suicide we are hoping our foundation will make an impact in the community."

 -Alexi, 16, Captain 

"I believe Suicide Prevention needs to become better known around our community. I believe Suicide is often an overlooked topic by many people and WMW will not allow this to happen anymore." 

-Izzy, 16, Captain

"Suicide prevention is a topic that is really important to my family and I. Many people don¹t realize how prevalent suicide is in our society and I think its important that we comprehend just how serious it is. This conference will give people the opportunity to not only share their wisdom but also get their grievances off of their chest. Women Making Waves is here and we¹re ready to listen and help!"

-Adrianna, 17, Captain 

"Suicide can be a complete shock to an entire community and it is important to recognize warning signs as well as to support those who struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts. Suicide can touch so many lives, so deeply, and it is crucial that WMW shows support and provides methods of prevention to people who may struggle with this serious issue." 

-Lydia, 16, Captain 

"Suicide prevention isn't talked about a lot and when it is talked about its always negative. I feel like people need to know the importance of suicide since it is a silent illness."

-Nancy, 17, Captain 

Women Making Waves is dedicated to addressing issues that affect teens personally in the community. Because of this, our members asked for their first conference to address loss and suicide prevention. 

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