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Carly W


Leaving Behind Our Senior Legacy 

This organization has become something much more to me than I ever could have imagined. Women Making Waves has given me the chance to create an inseparable bond with girls I would have never had before. Gaining this bond helped me learn about others, but also gave me a new realization of who I am. Women Making Waves has taught me what true friendship is and helped me evolve into the person I am today. Not only did it allow me to grow as a person but to also share my knowledge and experience with others. 

Throughout the few years I have been apart of this organization I have seen such incredible things. First from us 10 girls growing to almost more than 30 girls so quickly was an amazing experience. From crew nights, to splash seshs, to our summer camps and more, we have been able to provide a judgement free zone where younger girls learn the confidence to love and cherish who they are. Also from growing from our successful knowledgeable conferences held at the Oxbridge school to now having our even more successful series held at Harborside where we can educate the community even more, showing how much we truly are evolving as an organization.

In college, I still want to be able to support and represent this organization. My goal is to join several existing organization and clubs that offer the opportunity to mentor students. I hope to provide the opportunity at college to share my experiences with other students who may find themselves in any tough situations. I believe it is very important for the campus to offer an organization where students can come to share feelings and experiences with their peers, without the feeling of being judged, just like Women Making Waves has become for me. 

Leaving this organization behind as a senior, I truly believe these girls here have the mindsight and incredible ability to lead this organization. I have watched our new members and even old members mature and grow into the organization we are today. They are so dedicated to helping others that I truly believe this organization will just keep getting better and better each day that we grow more. This has been an amazing journey with the 30 new sisters I now have. We have all gained such an incredible bond together and I cannot wait to see what our family will do next!!  

~Carly W., Class of 2016

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