Camp Week 6 - Stand UP Foundation

"Passion-Driven Goal Setting for Middle School": Finding Passions and Setting Smart Goals 

July 25th-July 29th

Ages 10-14

"Passion-Driven Goal Setting" is specifically designed for boys aged 10-14, with the core value of Discipline addressed. Stand UP is excited to bring back, for her third year, Certified Passion Coach and guest facilitator, Bettina Harriman.  Topics include: passions discovery, hidden obstacles to authenticity, tools to developing better self-talk, smart goal setting and achievement. Participants will get a better understanding of their strengths, while gaining the skills to help them develop their talents and interests. They will uncover any hidden fears blocking them from their deepest desires and life purpose and learn easy ways to squash their self-doubt and rise to their true potential. Retreaters will discover how important their individuality; unique gifts and perspectives are to the world because after all, the world needs all different kinds of greatness.  By the end of the week, retreaters will leave with a better sense of who they are, what they want and the tools to make their dreams a living reality. 

July 25, 2016 at 9am - July 29, 2016
Stand UP Headquarters
Ashley Le Grange · · (561) 270-6634

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