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Camp Week 5- "Digital YOU" and Healthy Highs BOYS

"Digital YOU" & "Healthy Highs"

July 18th-July 22nd

Ages: 10-14

"Digital You" is specifically designed for boys aged 10-14, with the core value of discipline addressed. Media information has grown exponentially over the past years. Kids live in a world saturated with values, information, messages, behaviors and emotions that are contrived through media. Our objectives are to expand a child's personal awareness and broadening the understanding of how technology has shaped unhealthy beliefs, ideas, and values. Identify how they use technology, and how it impacts their life, those around them, and if it changes how they see their world? 

Some facts: 

  • 80% of kids under 5 use the internet
  • 60% of kids under 3 stream videos 
  • By age 2 kids have access to an adult's phone
  • 73% of youths between13-17 use social networking platforms  

"Healthy Highs: Weeding Out the Myths" is specifically designed for boys aged 10-14, where all our core values of integrity, courage, compassion, humility, wisdom and discipline will be addressed. Each retreater will develop a healthier perspective on the world around them by becoming armed with real facts of teen use. Our goals include helping participants balance food and mood, and fun and friends. We encourage and teach our youth about taking healthy risks by challenging the “real you” to become more balanced. Balance is taught through sustaining health by nourishing the mind, body and spirit. “Weed” out the myths and reward your mind and body with healthy, sustainable fun!

July 18, 2016 at 9am - July 22, 2016
Stand UP Headquarters
Ashley Le Grange · · (561) 270-6634

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