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Camp Week 3! "Appreciating Diversity" GIRLS

"Appreciating Diversity": Discovering Empathy and Becoming Service Minded

June 27th-July 1st

Ages 9-13

"Appreciating Diversity" is specifically designed for girls aged 9-13 and will focus on the core value of Humility. The goal is for each participant to understand putting themselves in another person's shoes and becoming more tolerant and sensitive to others. With intentional practice and learning, youths will become more conscious of others around them, respecting their community and the world at large. Conflict resolution skills, both interpersonal and intrapersonal, will be gained from attending this retreat. Experience can be a great teacher. Growing appreciation, gratitude and random acts of kindness will create a better self-identified leader within their community, thus helping cause the ripple effect. By the end of the week, each retreater will develop a better sense of self and confidence through helping and understanding others.

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June 27, 2016 at 9am - July 01, 2016
Stand UP Headquarters
Ashley Le Grange · · (561) 270-6634

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