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Boys Summer Retreats

Guys that Stand UP 

Camp runs from 9am-3:30pm. Everything is included except lunch, towel, sunscreen and bathing suit! Late pick up options available for extra cost. 

Address: Camp will be held at Jonathan Dickinson State Park and our Headquarters. Under our weekly schedules you can see the schedule for pick up and drop off. Please click here to view. 

Jonathan Dickinson State Park Address: 16450 SE Federal Hwy, Hobe Sound, FL 33455

Stand UP Headquarters: 725 North A-1-A, suite D 104, Jupiter, FL 33477

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Please read the different themes specifically designed for each week below. 

"Mentality of the Modern Man"

June 20th-June 24th

Ages 10-14

This week we will focus on the core value of Compassion. The week is specifically designed for boys aged 10-14 and focuses primarily on the development of increased self-esteem through body awaress and media literacy activities. Our goal is help youths find their own identity in a world cluttered with unhealthy images, beliefs, and values. Each participant will embrace their own unique qualities, while celebrating their differences and similarities. This empowers participants to make better, healthier and more self-caring decisions in the future outside of these pressures. They will also benefit from the knowledge gained through exposure to a nutritionist whom provides healthy eating techniques, which will help to empower them to lead a healthier and balanced life.

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"Appreciating Diversity": Discovering Humility and Becoming Service Minded

June 27th-July1st

Ages 10-14

"Appreciating Diversity" is specifically designed for boys aged 10-14 and will focus on the core value of Humility. The goal is for each participant to understand putting themselves in another person's shoes and becoming more tolerant and sensitive to others. With intentional practice and learning, youths will become more conscious of others around them, respecting their community and the world at large. Conflict resolution skills, both interpersonal and intrapersonal, will be gained from attending this retreat. Experience can be a great teacher. Growing appreciation, gratitude and random acts of kindness will create a better self-identified leader within their community, thus helping cause the ripple effect. By the end of the week, each retreater will develop a better sense of self and confidence through helping and understanding others.

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"Digital YOU" : Becoming Tech Savy and Safe & "Healthy Highs: Weeding Out the Myths": Learning the Facts and Making Wise Choices

July 18th-July 22nd

Ages 10-11

"Digital You" is specifically designed for boys aged 10-14, with the core value of discipline addressed. Media information has grown exponentially over the past years. Kids live in a world saturated with values, information, messages, behaviors and emotions that are contrived through media. Our objectives are to expand a child's personal awareness and broaden their understanding of how technology has shaped unhealthy beliefs, ideas, and values. They will identify how they use technology, how it impacts their life, those around them, and if it changes how they see their world? 

Some facts: 

  • 80% of kids under 5 use the internet
  • 60% of kids under 3 stream videos 
  • By age 2 kids have access to an adult's phone
  • 73% of youths between13-17 use social networking platforms

Ages: 12-14

"Healthy Highs: Weeding Out the Myths" is specifically designed for boys aged 10-14, where all our core values of integrity, courage, compassion, humility, wisdom and discipline will be addressed. Each retreater will develop a healthier perspective on the world around them by becoming armed with real facts of teen use. Our goals include helping participants balance food and mood, and fun and friends. We encourage and teach our youth about taking healthy risks by challenging the “real you” to become more balanced. Balance is taught through sustaining health by nourishing the mind, body and spirit. “Weed” out the myths and reward your mind and body with healthy, sustainable fun!

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"Passion-Driven Goal Setting for Middle School Guys" : Finding Passions and Setting Smart Goals

July 25th-July 29th

Ages 10-14

"Passion-Driven Goal Setting" is specifically designed for boys aged 10-14, with the core value of Discipline addressed. Stand UP is excited to introduce Athletic Performance Coach and Stress Reduction Solution Coach, John Denney. Topics include: passion discovery, hidden obstacles to authenticity, tools to developing better self-talk, smart goal setting and achievement. Participants will get a better understanding of their strengths, while gaining the skills to help them develop their talents and interests. They will uncover any hidden fears blocking them from their deepest desires and life purpose and learn easy ways to squash their self-doubt and rise to their true potential. Retreaters will discover how important their individuality; unique gifts and perspectives are to the world because after all, the world needs all different kinds of greatness.  By the end of the week, retreaters will leave with a better sense of who they are, what they want and the tools to make their dreams a living reality.

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"Stand UP, Stand Out, Stand With" : Teambuilding and Friendship Skills

August 1st-August 5th

Ages 10-14

"Stand UP, Stand Out, Stand With", is designed to focus on the core value of Courage. This week has been specifically designed to focus primarily on effective communication, relationship-building and social skills. Retreaters will learn important skills about how to communicate more clearly with peers, turning fears into opportunities and gaining self-awareness. They will become empowered to be more assertive while still remaining kind and treating others with respect. Participants discover the essentials for becoming a better team player and maintain their individuality and gaining strength in their identity. By the end of the week, retreaters will leave with a better sense of self and greater confidence in their abilities to create better relationships with others and with

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