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Chapter 2: The Creation

Chapter 2: The Creation of Women Making Waves! 




How The "Crew" Define Courage

Want to watch something EXTRA special? This is the video our girls created at our last Splash Sesh. One of the Middle School Leaders, Bella, said "I have a great idea Ashley! Let's make a video where everyone describes "Courage." She then helped film all of the activities and put together this amazing video. I am truly blessed to be surrounded by such innovative and passionate young leaders. America watch out--these girls are on the move! 


Chapter 1: Mentally Fit Teens' Retreats Year 2


 Chapter 1: Mentally Fit Teens' Retreats Year 2 

(And the Seed for Women Making Waves is Planted!) 

“It was something new for all of us, no one knew each other and no one knew what to expect”, said one excited new trainee. It’s June 9th  2014 and just about 1:00pm in the afternoon. Slowly, girls start to trickle into Ashley’s office, some with friends, others alone. It’s the first week of camp – training! The whole point of the week was for the leaders to get to know each other, bond, learn how to lead activities and even get to know ourselves a little better. 

The Preface of Women Making Waves


The Preface of Women Making Waves--Where it All Started

When my mom first told me about a camp she thought I should attend - “Magic T House,” as it was called back then - I was skeptical. A mentoring camp for teens? Why did I need to be mentored? In my mind, I pictured it being a boring lady lecturing us and talking about feelings.  No thanks. I told my mom that I didn’t want to go, but she still signed me up.

On the first day of camp, I was nervous. I didn’t know anyone, and I doubted that I would have fun. But the second I stepped into the office, I felt a little more confident. The purple walls and dark green carpeting gave the room an inviting feel.

When I saw the group of about five or six girls sitting quietly, I knew I would fit right in.

Inspiration to Women Making Waves


Inspiration to Women Making Waves

Women Making Waves began as an all girls summer program for middle school girls called “Magic T House”. I had designed an enrichment program for social, emotional, mental and physical health based on my curriculum I used at an all girls school where I was the school counselor. The idea was always to empower girls to become more happy—more complete. This required me to think about my own turbulent time in middle school…

Izzy's NHS Application; Being a Leader with WMW


Being a Leader with WMW

In life, some people have the attributes of leadership. Leaders know when to take charge of a situation while taking matters into their own hands. Through past experiences, I have come to the realization that I have the characteristics of a leader. This summer while volunteering as a counselor for a local camp, I learned many valuable lessons I will take with me throughout life. Stand up is a camp that offers a safe space for elementary and middle school girls to make new friends, and learn more about the current pressures of society and themselves. With the initiative of the counselors, each week ran smoothly by creating a positive environment with teamwork and organization. As a leader, I was able to empower young girls by managing many of the activities and learning the importance of flexibility.

Interview with Ashley Le Grange by Producer Lindsey Glass


Interview with Ashley Le Grange 

We met Ashley four years ago when filming “The Secret World of Recovery,” and were impressed with her then. Now she is a teen specialist and I’ll be interviewing her again for our PBS special “The Silent Majority,” which will be seen nationally in the fall of 2014. Ashley will also join our team here at Reach Out Recovery talking about teens and their issues. Ashley, Teens are at risk more than any other population. What can we do about it?




There is a big difference between what adolescents believe to be true, versus what is actually true. Many teens don’t know the real facts on important issues, particularly drug use. Not knowing what’s really true impacts their choices. But when kids do get the right information it hugely impacts the decisions they make. Once they find out the norm is not, ‘everyone is doing it’ then often they don’t do it.