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Loving The Me I See


 Loving The Me I See: My Struggle With Acne And My Experience With Accutane

Ever since the beginning of 6th grade, I’ve had acne that showed in spots on my face and back. I knew that acne was something that pretty much everyone in the world goes through, so while I didn't like the looks of it, I tolerated it. It was around 8th grade when I grew tired of it. Everyone did have acne on their faces, but it was unlike mine. They had only one or two spots at a time, and when they had spots, they wouldn't show up one after another. I, on the other hand, had small clusters of acne and redness on my face, and I never had a break. Even when some would go away, more would always show up on another part of my face. Sure, there were some that had just as much as me, some even had it worse, but knowing that I wasn't alone didn't make me feel better.

Sending Love on Valentine's Day

Sending Love on Valentine's Day   thumbnail.jpg

Valentine’s day is a day eagerly awaited for millions, and our members are included. Valentine’s day has forever been a day of love and a day for honoring and cherishing our loved ones. Now, when people think of love their minds jump straight to romantic relationships and marriages and whatnot. But love can apply to a vast number of feelings and relationships. For example, a parent’s love for their child or a person’s love to their friend. It’s all love, and when it comes down to it, the definition of love is simply: an intense feeling of deep affection. That can manifest in millions of ways.

WMW in the Jupiter Courier


WMW in the Jupiter Courier

Stand UP Foundation made the front page of the Jupiter Courier this week!  It has been very exciting to have all of the community's support around this very much need teen initiative.   


Four out of 10 high school seniors report drinking some alcohol, and more than one in five have engaged in binge drinking." 

Drinking and driving is the leading cause of death among this age group. In addition, suicides are the second leading cause of death among young people ages 10 to 24.

Stand Up Foundation has been created to address the social and emotional health of our community. 

These are just a few scary statistics, some of which led licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified School Counselor in Florida and National Certified Counselor Ashley LeGrange, along with a dedicated board, to create the Stand Up Foundation. 


True Florida Beauty


True Florida Teen Beauty 

Founder and Director, Ashley Le Grange was excited to hear of the nationwide search of the America's 50 Most Beautiful Children. When board member and local (phenomenal) photographer, Claire Anderson from Clara Bella Photography, asked her if she knew anyone who met the criteria, she jumped for joy! Within the Women Making Wave's Program, which is a part of the Stand UP Foundation, each of our members is unique and truly beautiful. When Sophia was chosen Ashley could not have been more proud. Read on and you will quickly understand why... Sophia is truly beauty revived. 

Meet Sophia. She is beauty revived.

Sophia is beautiful, strong, courageous and in my opinion a hero. Sophia was diagnosed with Trichotillomania at the age of 7 years old. This rare medical condition ultimately made her spiral into depression, eating disorders and being bullied. After years of learning how to cope with trich, Sophia is now a strong, happy and healthy 15 year old girl. She dedicates her free-time to a local non-profit that focuses on the mental health and well being of school aged girls in an effort to help them cope with similar issues so many young girls face these days. The fact that Sophia has gone through what she has at such a young age, and has not only overcome her issues but now supports other girls is what I would call a modern day hero. I was so fortunate to meet Sophia, and even more grateful that she opened up to me to share her story. Here is Sophia’s story - her life as she knows it- in her own words. 

Chapter 8: Alumna's Speech


Chapter 8: An Alumna's Speech

So it was almost a year ago when my therapist, the lovely Elisa Frailey, told me about this camp called Mentally Fit Teens, at which her daughter was volunteering. I'm not sure if she was telling me about it because she wanted me to volunteer, but I went right ahead and immediately demanded more information about this awesome place. This time last summer, I was in a rather rough spot emotionally. I was coming to grips with the fact that my wonderful friends, along with the boy whom I thought was the love of my life, would be on their own paths to college in just a few short months. It seemed as though I was finally happy and content, but everyone else was ready to move on. I had felt like an outcast as I heard everyone talk about residence halls and roommates and meal plans at their prestigious schools, while I was scheduling my classes at the local community college and trying to find something to keep me occupied. At that time, it seemed like my life was over, but little did I know it was just getting started. 

Chapter 7: Splash Sesh Mentoring Programs


Chapter 7: Splash Sesh Mentoring Programs

Women making waves is a wonderful program and I am so honored to be a part of such a great opportunity. My part in the organization is leading the splash sessions with the high school members every other friday night. I am always looking forward to those friday nights because of the the wonderful people and of how much fun we have. 

Chapter 6: Angel Walk for Asher


Chapter 6: Angel Walk for Asher

WMW was incredibly fortunate to participate in The 2015 Bobby Resciniti Healing Hearts Foundation Annual Angel Walk. Bobby Resciniti is an incredible human being who has very much supported the mission and vision of Women Making Waves. He invited us to share all our information at the walk, while also walking to remember our beloved Ashler. WMW's rounded up a team for the walk and also made Asher an "Angel" sign... 

Chapter 5: Our FIRST Conference!


Chapter 5: Our FIRST Conference! 

Before I begin to go into the conference itself, I want to share my favorite moment, which happened at our "dress-rehearsal" the day before. After hours of running around making sure everything was perfect, Ashley had called all the girls into the auditorium for a final talk. For a moment, we all sat together in silence looking around, realizing how far we had come. It was truly surreal. I had an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment and gratitude for all the people who had helped us reach our goal and I knew we were ready for an unforgettable day, or Women Making Waves' first official conference. 

Chapter 4: Idea for the Conference


Chapter 4: Idea for the Conference 

Coming up with an idea for our conference was one of the best things to have happened in WMW because all of us girls were able to communicate on which idea we thought would be best for the current situation and time period. This conference was going to be our big debut and it needed to be special, unique and speak to the hearts of our peers, and relate to all teens and adults in our immediate community. Originally, we discussed the theme of friendship and relationships, but then other ideas came to our minds due to other heartbreaking impacts occurring in the community. 

Chapter 3 The Induction Ceremony



Chapter 3 The Induction Ceremony

The Induction Ceremony is an annual event in which every girl that passed "criteria" to become a member is accepted and inducted. This year’s Induction ceremony was held at DuBois Park at Sunset. Each girl lined up along the bridge and waited to be called by Ashley while she told all the parents and guests about who the member was, what inspired her to join WMW, and why she loves WMW.