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Ash's 35


Our CEO & Founder, Ashley Le Grange is Asking YOU to donate for her 35th Birthday! 


For my birthday I am asking everyone take a moment and reflect on the recent tragedies here in South Florida and consider donating to our leadership programming. Remember, so many of the issues teens face today can be prevented with mental health education and prevention programs. Help us protect and build the future leaders we so desperately need them to be. 

Here's Her Story of Why She Helped Start to SUF: 

Women Making Waves began as an all girls summer program for middle school girls called “Magic T House”. I had designed an enrichment program for social, emotional, mental and physical health based on my curriculum I used at an all girls school where I was the school counselor. The idea was always to empower girls to become more happy—more complete. This required me to think about my own turbulent time in middle school…

Women Making Waves was originally outlined and designed as a program to support middle school girls. The idea was making sure the middle school kids received the most attention, being “sandwiched” in where they had high school leaders to emulate—witnessing how “cool” it is to be a leader and inspiring them, while learning to step in their foot prints to work with elementary school girls. Now they were truly learning—building firendships and support of trusted high school girls that also were well trained in knowing when to involve an adult. The real change takes place when the girls are genuinely interested in applying their newfound knowledge and passion to the next generation. The middle school program took off like wild fire and so did the high school program.

I was quickly surrounded by 20-25 of Palm Beach’s finest young leaders. The buy-in was that simple. All driven by compassion, character, integrity and their own life journey to make a difference. And now we have a successful boys program...

These girls and guys are trying to accomplish improving their own lives, but also the lives of others around them. They are trying to empower their peers and teach the future generations about the reality of many critical social and emotional health topics, by bringing in true experts. They are trying to create a climate where it is safe to ask for help and the stigma of it being something of someone who is “weak” is removed…

They say it only takes one. Well since 2014 we have worked with over 150 families in our programming and I hope you are as inspired as I am to join our cause and our mission...These girls and guys, these leaders, will make a difference in the world around us and it starts here.    


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