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Leaving Behind Our Senior Legacy

It’s weird to think that two years ago I had just finished my sophomore year and within four months of that, became a founding member of a nonprofit! Reflecting back makes me realize just how much we have done in two years alone. We started with only 10ish members who really had no idea what a constitution was, let alone knew how to write one, yet with a lot of help from Ashley, we learned and made it happen. I knew from day one this was going to be something different, and that’s why the long drives and early mornings never stopped me from coming back. As Ashley’s always harps on, one of the most incredible things to see is the diversity throughout the organization from members to even campers. Many of us come from drastically different upbringings with different traditions and beliefs, but yet here all 30 of us are making waves like I never could have imagined. To be completely honest, I never thought I would see the launch of the boys program while I was still here, and yet here they are too. That to me speaks wonders. Actually, reflecting on everything this organization has done in two years in mind blowing. The amount of growth and awareness that has taken place is awe-inspiring and makes me wonder how much more we can do in the coming years. 

On a more personal note, it’s almost surreal that this is one of the last times I’ll be here with all of you in one place. I dedicated as much of my life as possible to growing and bettering the organization and it’s an honor (and slight stress reliever) to pass our responsibilities onto the upcoming seniors. I think we all trust that you are more than equipped with what it takes to continue to lead this organization to success. I think the two most important things to keep in mind as you guys continue to take on the world is first, to always be inclusive, which doesn’t mean you have to like everyone or be everyone’s best friend, but just keep in mind that inclusivity is what helped us grow to be who we are today and that it’s a trait that will not only continue to help us grow but help you grow as an individual too. And second, I want you guys to remember that all of this is worth it. I know very very well that this can be uber time consuming and demanding. But we’re still new and all the effort you guys put in continues to prove to the community that out mission and goals are not only important but personal to us. Remember our organization will get out of it everything you put into it! 

Much Love, 

~Angela A., Co-Founding Member and Class of 2016

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