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Adrianna B.


Leaving Behind Our Senior Legacy 

It was probably by the second staircase that the anxiety set in. I began to sweat and my face got beet red. When I got to the door that read Standup Foundation I pulled it open and stepped inside. The room was bright purple with chalk drawings of empowering words like confidence, kindness and courage. I waited in the front room and decided that this was the most stressful moment of my life. That’s when I met Ashley LeGrange. I immediately felt welcome and I began to let my guard down. Interviewing was not my specialty; actually talking to people in general was always difficult for me but I had no choice. This was the first requirement to joining this group that my best friend Lydia raved about. She called me every week that summer to tell me about the camp she was working at. Lydia said that she had made a ton of new friends from schools all over the county and that she was having the time of her life by making a difference in the community. She then told me it was turning into a non-profit that I could join. I jumped at the chance and within a few weeks I was sitting in Ashley’s office hoping I’d make a good enough impression to join the group of elite girls. When I met the members at my first meeting I couldn’t believe how beautiful they were inside and out. I couldn’t believe that I got to associate myself with these ladies much less become a leader short after. 

Women Making Waves changes lives. Everyone who’s ever created a non-profit would say the same thing. We are different. This organization was teen initiated with the goal to make a transformation in the lives of young girls. Growing up these days is difficult. The pressures of media, peers and family values can leave a child confused and unsure of whom they are or want to become. With our program, we change the rules of what’s cool and how to make the teenage years a positive time. Personally, this organization has helped me gain the confidence I’ve lacked for most of my life. Once inducted, I earned a leadership position, which forced me to face my fear of public speaking. Thanks to Women Making Waves I am now able to talk in front of crowds of hundreds of people with comfort and confidence. I’ve watched timid sixth graders with a negative attitude blossom into leaders with a determination to succeed in friendships, education, self-awareness, and health. It’s hard to imagine anything that would make such a difference in so little time but when the younger girls are given the opportunity to talk about their experiences and have them validated by a “cool” high school student it makes a world of difference. Our hope is to create a generation of strong, confident young women that make the least amount of mistakes possible thanks to our high achieving and motivated high school girls.

The future of Women Making Waves now lies in the hands of our young members. Our visions of a clubhouse, an equally successful boys program and taking Women Making Waves across the nation now depends on the determination and love of our underclassmen. I hope that they understand the difference they can make and just how far they can take this program. I love Women Making Waves and the impact it’s had on my life. I owe the world to Ashley and the girls that have always supported me in the organization. I cannot wait to come back and see what our amazing members have accomplished with the Standup Foundation and Women Making Waves. 

Much Love, 

~Adrianna B., Class of 2016

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