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Adriana S


Leaving Behind Our Senior Legacy

When I first volunteered for summer camp I knew I wanted to be a part of this organization. Every girl was so welcoming and kind. I was excited to get started and jumped right and was amazed at how connected we all were right from the beginning.

We all work so well with each other and we all have different qualities that we bring to the table which makes us great as an organization. I am impressed and amazed at how big our events have gotten and the turn out our events have brought!! I have been motivated by seeing how my input has helped the organization and seeing the changes we have made. 

I was hoping this organization would help me help others while gaining confidence as a leader and it has. I have loved summer camp the most and working with the girls was very memorable and awesome. It's crazy how close you can become to a camper/retreater in just one week. To help other girls and teach them the skills they need to be successful is like nothing else. As I come home from college I hope I continue to see the organization grow. I hope more and more people are touched by the difference we try as well as actually make. As an alumna I will continue to be a leader and exemplify the values Women Making Waves has thought me to prioritize. A tip for members would be to continue to work hard and know that their input and time matters, it takes everyone in this organization for us to be successful.

Much Love, 

~Adriana S. Class of 2016

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