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About us

Building a Strong Generation of Healthy Teens


Stand UP Foundation is nonprofit a 501(c)3 organization designed to offer prevention and early intervention programming as well as gender specific leadership, peer to peer mentoring services. Under the umbrella of the Stand UP Foundation are Women Making Waves, Men Moving Mountains and our Generation Stand UP Community Programming.

Throughout the school year, the Stand UP Foundation offers community events to educate the community on social and emotional health topics they feel are important for all to know. We also host gender specific mentoring workshops. We provide adolescents and teens the tools to deal with their ever-changing environment and internal landscapes.

Our Generation Stand UP includes a multitude of different presentations to the community regarding social and emotional issues chosen by our high school members. We have hosted student conferences, workshops, nightly events and music series; all hosted by teens intended for the entire community. The mission of our community programming is to creatively mingle education with entertainment. We hope to reach and inform a vast array of demographics regarding the pertinent social and emotional issues this community faces! 

Our monthly gender specific peer-to-peer mentorship program has proven to truly create connection and establish relationships based on guidance that will last a lifetime. Our peer-to-peer approach teaches all students empowerment, pride and a sense of self-esteem that is absolutely invaluable. Upon the conclusion of each session, regardless of topics, our overall goal remains the same. Each person will leave with a newfound confidence, compassion, and grace as well as the ability to build and maintain healthy, positive relationships. 

Stand UP Foundation is designed to serve as a community resource working in conjunction with other community programs, organizations and schools. The director and founder of Stand UP is a passionate, educated and experienced, licensed professional in the field of counseling and adolescent development. The trained professionals who offer workshops are also highly qualified and are adept at connecting with all age groups and creating a supportive environment for all. Members and participants in the foundation will benefit not only from the trained professionals on site, but also from our alliance with private practitioners, non-profits, and other counseling organizations in the community.

Our Slogan: "Make Waves, Move Mountains, Motivate Many..."