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About Men Moving Mountains

The Mission of Men Moving Mountains


Men Moving Mountains is a diverse circle of highly motivated young men that promotes respect, selflessness, discipline, academic excellence and leadership through leadership trainings, peer to peer mentoring, community initatives and philanthropic efforts.

The Vision of Men Moving Mountains

The vision of Men Moving Mountains, the all male chapter of the Stand UP Foundation, is to become the leading all male social-emotional source for connecting and promoting generations of positive, educated, empowered and service-minded men to come.     

Peer to Peer Mentoring

Like Women Making Waves, Men Moving Mountains has created their own peer-to-peer mentoring programs for boys in grades 5th-8th. Our goal is to offer gender specific mentoring workshops for middle school and elementary school guys to provide young men with the tools to deal with their ever-changing environment and internal landscapes. 

We didn't forget the Parents!

Our vision includes a parent component as well! As parents, we can’t be left behind in our children’s ever changing world. We hope to help you learn and answer all questions you may have regarding growth development and healthy norms. 


What Are We All About?! 

Men Moving Mountains’ goal is to provide a unique opportunity for young men interested in pursuing active leadership and making a difference in the lives of their peers and in their community.  Members will get to participate in a wide variety of dynamic psycho-educational trainings and conferences led by trained professionals and experts in their field covering a range of topics including suicide prevention, anti-bullying tactics, communication and relationship skills, media literacy and positive self image, substance abuse prevention, technology safety, career exploration and much, much more. Our programs, workshops and conferences are developed based on the latest research about the development of adolescents, prevention, intervention and education. Our services focus on helping young children, tweens, teens and families navigate through what is a already a naturally turbulent time, learning tools to help prevent mental health concerns, while also continuing to grow into productive members of our community. We believe that having our participants guide and lead some of these topics they will be empowered to make greater changes within their community and beyond! The tools they learn, relationships and connections they build and impact they make on society will stay with them way beyond their high school years.